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Sr. Product Manager

Product Remote

Flowhub is on a mission to empower cannabis dispensaries to grow their businesses, delight their customers and unlock business growth. Retailers large to small in the burgeoning industry trust Flowhub to accelerate their sales, manage inventory, stay compliant, and process $3B+ in cannabis sales annually. We exist to make safe cannabis products accessible to every adult on planet Earth. We exist to make safe cannabis products accessible to every adult on planet Earth.

Are you an experienced product manager who has led the development and delivery of products across a span of technologies? Do you live for customer delight? Are you relentlessly focused on deep customer empathy to find value and determined to translate that all the way down to stories for your team? Can you use servant leadership and collaboration, metrics and inquiry, empathy and determination to Get S**t Done? 

Then we want to talk to you.

Flowhub is growing our Product team to match the growth in our Engineering teams. We play in the modern SaaS space with web and mobile apps, all sorts of integrations and a sophisticated CI/CD K8s infrastructure. We joyously embrace Agile and Lean, making the tools and processes work for us (and not the other way around…). We prefer dashboards over status reports, empowerment over directiveness, and constantly shipping value.


You will own products from ideation through delivery. You will need to: 

  • Build the Right Thing. 
    • Use your skills and tools to understand external and internal customers, building deep empathy for the value those customers need.
    • Leverage your understanding of the customer need, the technology choices available, the team dynamics and the business goals to construct a set of features that deliver that value.
    • Prioritize what to build and when by using your bag of Agile tools: quantifiable metrics, facilitated sessions, conversations and partnerships within the business.
    • Make clear ‘the why’ to audiences from your team up to the C-Suite, and commit to measurable value outcomes.
    • Make assumptions and then use tools like prototypes, mockups and thought exercises to validate or discard them. Fast.
  • Build the Thing Right.
    • Own getting features through our Definition of Ready. This requires conversations and partnerships throughout engineering and the business to nail ‘the what’ to the level of detail the dev team needs.
    • Use deep collaboration with your team to get the features built. Write and accept stories, refine a backlog, answer daily questions, admit error and own the functionality.
    • Be willing to fail fast and pivot without mercy or guilt.
    • Be a servant leader to the team, always looking to empower, listen, protect and be a part of their success.
    • Provide transparent tracking of progress in dashboards for all to see, and use it to steer, highlight risk and uncertainty, and make appropriate commitments.
    • Partner with a Scrum Master (we call them Agile Guides) on ceremonies and artifacts.
    • Use Definition of Done as a tool for quality and getting the value out the door.
    • Partner with Engineering leadership on quality, performance, technology and process.
  • Build the Thing Fast.
    • Have a mindset and philosophy for decomposing features into small shippable increments that accelerate flow through the team.
    • Figure out how to ship something every sprint. Hint: Feature Flags should be in your toolkit. Develop on cadence, release on demand.
    • Use your honed analysis skills to know what needs to get done first, what the fast follow is, and most importantly, when to stop and declare victory.
  • Build your Vision
    • Create, own, justify and evangelize the larger roadmap for your product. Get the company leadership and the C-Suite behind you.
    • Use multiple dimensions of communication to inform the world of your vision, meeting your audiences where they are. Dashboards, Jira, Confluence and conversations are all part of your toolbox. Powerpoint and email less so.
    • Relentlessly pay attention to the industry, technology trends, app best practices, business goals and new Agile ways of doing things.
    • Empower Sales, listen to Customer Success, inspire Engineering.
  • Build your Coalition
    • Product Management lies at the intersection of Customer, Business and Engineering. You’ll need to listen to, partner with, and influence all three.
    • You need to be able to say No. And, you need to have tools so that people understand it. Extra credit if they agree with it. Bonus credit if they like it.
    • Partners and Integrations are a key part of our ecosystem of success. You’ll leverage those and incorporate them into your roadmap and vision.
    • Be able to facilitate collaborative decision making workshops.
  • Own What You’ve Built
    • Use KPIs, OKRs and other information radiators to focus your intent, document your success and steer away from failure.
    • Be able to represent your contribution to the business revenue, market share and customer delight.
    • Take pride in the customer delight, along with your team!


  • 5-10+ years of experience as a product manager
    • Some other major element of experience (development, business, financial, manufacturing, customer success, etc.) is a plus
  • Demonstrated success in a deeply agile organization
  • Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in business, marketing, engineering or