Dispensary compliance solutions for cannabis retailers

Flowhub helps ensure cannabis retail compliance with state and local regulations.

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Why Flowhub for cannabis compliance?

From check in to check out, inventory management, and seamless integrations to Metrc, Flowhub helps you stay compliant in all aspects of your cannabis business.


ID verification

Ensure IDs are valid and med cards aren’t expired with Greet®, a mobile app compatible with Flowhub’s exclusive Nug scanner device. With Greet, you can ensure that all customers are shopping legally.

Quickly scan customer IDs, verify age, edit personal information, upload documents, flag problematic customers, and manage your queue — all from a device that fits in your pocket.

We have three-point verification. We look at your ID physically, and then we scan it, and that pulls it up and lets us know you’re 21 or older and whether you’re a returning customer or it’s your first time. It’s nice to have that verification. We don’t have to worry about fake IDs or an invalid ID. It just really helps from a compliance standpoint.

Elijah landheadshot Elijah Land, General Manager at Nature’s Gift Shop

Cashier - Purchase limits

Built-in purchase limits

Our cloud-based POS software, Cashier, streamlines the entire check out and payment process.

One well-loved feature is the cannabis counter, a visual bar that shows how much cannabis a customer is purchasing, and how much more they can add to the cart before they exceed their daily purchase limit. Budtenders are unable to exceed state transaction limits, meaning you’ll never oversell again.

We want to focus on our customers, we don’t want to focus on if they’re buying too much product. Flowhub takes care of that for us so that we can focus on what we do best.

Brian Sullivan Brian Sullivan, VP of retail operations at The Green Joint

Metrc Integration image

Metrc integration

Ensure you’re always in compliance with our API integration to Metrc. As the original Metrc integrator, we remember the struggle of manually uploading sales at the end of each day.

Reduce human error by importing packages directly from Metrc, automatically pushing daily sales to Metrc, and using our Discrepancy Report to easily reconcile your physical inventory with what’s in your POS and in Metrc.

Being able to compare our Flowhub inventory to our Metrc inventory is critical, and Flowhub's reporting system allows us to do just that! Daily audits of inventory between the point-of-sale system and Metrc has always been time-consuming, however with Flowhub's easy-to-use report features, we are able to compare inventory between the two platforms with a simple CSV. It's invaluable to us and our operation!

niko-johnson-diego-pellicer Nico Johnson, Store Manager at Diego Pellicer


Inventory management

Maintain compliance between your physical inventory, your inventory in Metrc, and your inventory in your cannabis POS with Stash®, a mobile app compatible with Flowhub’s exclusive Nug scanner device.

Quickly scan inventory barcodes to perform audits, move products between rooms (or stores), resolve inventory discrepancies from Metrc, and manage inventory in real time to ensure you can account for all cannabis products at all times.

Flowhub allows us to be compliant, not have to worry, everything is taken care of in inventory. It's point and click. Super easy to use. I recommend it for every other dispensary. I would say our success as a company and our growth is partially due to Flowhub. It allows us to maximize everything we do here with a really neatly rolled point of sale and inventory tracking system all in one.

Drew-collins Drew Collins, Assistant Manager, Green Man Cannabis

Why Flowhub?

flowhub security

99.9% uptime

Secure technology hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform

flowhub support

365-day support

Always available to help with 60+ years in combined cannabis experience

flowhub cannabis innovation

1,000+ locations

Thousands of medical and adult-use dispensaries trust Flowhub with compliance

flowhub cannabis payment processing

$3B+ annual sales

Reliably processing $3B+ cannabis sales annually across the U.S.

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Are you ready to stop stressing about compliance?

Enter the flow state with Flowhub for automated age verification, purchase limits, and a seamless integration with Metrc.

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Discover a new way to sell cannabis

Flowhub helps dispensaries run fast, smooth, and compliant business operations.