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Goodbye, hang-ups. Hello, high vibes.

Discover a new way to sell cannabis with Flowhub Maui. It makes running — and growing — your dispensary business a breeze.

More than 20x faster

Maui gets anyone up and running in minutes. Think fewer clicks, more automation, and the most intuitive user interface out there.

Made for cannabis retailers

Built from the ground up, Maui is backed by 8+ years of industry-leading compliance expertise on a national scale.

Open, mobile and flexible

Maui handles all your tools, processes and data. It's fully customizable and scalable, so you really can make it your own.

Global retail operations

All locations, all features. One login.

Everything you need to run your business operations across state lines from one central platform.

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Regulatory agility

Local regulations can be easily adjusted with the no-code app interface.

Custom permissions

Manage permissions with granular control and create custom role settings for your staff.

Product catalog

Create a unified product catalog of all inventory items for a single source of truth.

Tax engine

Configure new taxes in a matter of seconds. Tax categories differently if required.

Flexible variants

Add new variants to inventory on the fly, like different flavors or sizes.

UPC support

Create your own SKU system or leverage manufacturer barcodes to scan at checkout.

Out-the-door pricing

Include taxes in the final cost of any products sold at your dispensary.

Enterprise scalability

Standardize operations across all locations and configure new stores in an instant.

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Point of sale

Dispensary experiences everyone will dig.

Keep lines moving and give customers a reason to return.

Built-in compliance

Reduce compliance risk with out-of-the-box features like purchase limits and age verification.

Smart deals

Set up auto-apply, stacking, override permissions, and any type of BOGO deal with advanced AND/OR logic.

Loyalty program

Easily add customers to your loyalty program, see how many points they’ve earned, and redeem rewards.

Delivery & online order management

Manage orders from any ecommerce menu (like Weedmaps or Dispense) and process fulfillment directly in Flowhub.

Maui pay

flowhub pay®

Fast, integrated payments — plus cash in your pocket.

Enable fully integrated payment processing at your dispensary to increase revenue by +30% on every transaction.

  • Earn rebates on every transaction
  • No transaction cost for dispensaries
  • No monthly fee
  • 2 business day deposits
  • POS-integrated with auto-populated total
  • Real-time backend reporting
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Nug® Ultra

Meet your new best bud.

The Nug Ultra is the cannabis industry standard for mobile workflows. Move faster with built-in apps for dispensary check-in and inventory management.

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Mobile Check In App

Scan IDs to verify age, upload documents, and instantly check in customers to your POS queue.

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mobile inventory app

Speed audits, move product between rooms, and transfer inventory in bulk.

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Inventory management

Smarter, faster, harder-working workflows.

Streamline your inventory management operations for maximum efficiency.

Maui inventory

Package imports

Manage, verify and import Metrc manifests directly within Flowhub and see which batches were last imported.

Discrepancy resolution

Manage discrepancies with a single click or auto-approve adjustments to either Flowhub or track and trace data.


Establish a central distribution hub for your supply chain and bulk update inventory across multiple shops in a few taps.

Activity tracking

Every action is recorded in real-time. In case of an audit or discrepancy, you’ll always have an accurate account.


Your inner workings — in the palm of your hand.

Track key performance indicators, report sales data, and gain insights into your dispensary growth.

View® mobile app

Run your dispensary on the go with real-time analytics on your smartphone.

Sales reporting

Report daily sales in real-time or at the end of the day, depending on your compliance requirements.

Custom reports

Generate custom reports using any combination of data and schedule them to run automatically.


Effectively track performance trends and make data-driven decisions with visual dashboards.

Partner ecosystem

If you want to go far, go with others.

As the first Metrc integrator, we believe in data ownership and freedom to choose the best-in-class tools to meet your dispensary needs. Integrate over 50 apps or build your own with our open API.

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