Instant ID verification and check in for cannabis retailers

Give every customer the red carpet treatment with a speedy check in process integrated with your point of sale.

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Speed up your customer check in flow

Greet is a simple mobile application pre-loaded on the handheld Nug scanner device for accelerating your dispensary check in process and reducing wait times.

Instant check in

No more long lines or manual data entry! Allow your door security staff or receptionist to seamlessly add new or returning customers to your POS queue with a simple mobile ID scanner. It’s an easy process that takes seconds.

Valid ID and age verification

Greet prevents minors and anyone with expired or suspicious identification from shopping at your dispensary. Validate IDs simply by scanning the barcode.

Security flags

Keep your staff informed and your store secure. Setting a security flag on a problematic customer will alert your staff the next time that individual checks in.

dispensary check in marijuana id scanner cannabis retail id scanner cannabis retail id verification

Customer notes

Easily view, add and edit helpful notes whenever a returning customer checks in at your dispensary. Provide a personalized experience by recognizing regulars, addressing them by name, and offering tailored product recommendations.

Upload documents

Dispensaries are required to have documentation on hand for all medical patients. Scan medical cards and photograph other documents right from the palm of your hand and securely store for future access.

Med card expiration

If a patient’s medical license or recommendation is outdated or expiring soon, the Greet app will notify your staff you can inform the customer that they need to renew.

Queue management

Add patients directly to your POS queue and transmit their information to sales associates and budtenders in real time. Always know how long customers have waiting and quickly manage the queue in bulk.

Smart greetings

Build meaningful connections from the moment your customer walks through the door. Greet displays personalized greetings that encourage dialogue.

Easy loyalty

Turn new customers into returning customers by adding them to your loyalty program on their very first visit.

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Customer search & edit

Search for customers by name, phone number or medical ID and update or add new customer information such as email address and referral source.

Insightful analytics

Optimize and improve efficiency with robust reporting, including the number of customer check ins, average wait times, conversion rates, and flagged IDs.

Wi-Fi and cellular data

The Nug mobile device comes with cellular data. If your internet ever goes down, you can turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot and keep your lines moving.

Connect all your data and apps

Easily integrate Flowhub with over 50 technology integration partners. Drive dispensary performance with online ordering, digital menus, analytics, payment processing and more!

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