Security Policy

Last updated 12/13/2018

Your security is our top priority. Flowhub is a reliable, cloud-based application focused on protecting your data and complying with evolving legal and regulatory standards.

Below we outline how we achieve our high level of performance, security, availability, and privacy protection.


Flowhub’s technology team includes seasoned veterans with extensive software architecture and data experience across some of the largest global banks, social networks, retailers, and SaaS companies. We are dedicated to keeping your data safe while providing uninterrupted service.

All traffic to Flowhub systems is SSL-encrypted in flight. The SSL certificates are automatically renewed and applied to keep our systems secure and up-to-date.

Customer connections to our point-of-sale system are authenticated via secure OAuth2 sessions. Our OAuth2 provider delivers scalable authentication with ISO27001, ISO27018, and SOC2 certifications.

Encryption doesn’t stop with in-flight security—all data on disk is encrypted to protect against physical compromise.


Flowhub runs on a service-oriented architecture delivered to Kubernetes via an automated CI pipeline and is 100% cloud-hosted. Our stack is based on Google Cloud Platform with elements from Amazon Web Services and MongoDB Atlas. We design services for horizontal scalability, so whether it’s 4:20, 4/20, or the burgeoning growth of your business, we’re ready to support you.

Our design specifications require all Flowhub services to be multi-zone fault-tolerant. Combined with our 24x7x365 systems server monitoring, this means that a disruption in the cloud won’t slow you down.

Processing Integrity

Processing accuracy and integrity is core to Flowhub. Our point-of-sale system is designed to capture and store granular detail across sale transactions, inventory, product, and adjustments down to the user level and timestamp in real-time. Any potential discrepancy is reportable and actionable. You get visibility into key performance indicators in real-time as well as historical trends.

We proactively monitor performance and processing to maximize reliability and scalability with regular updates released to all customers to ensure the latest application version and highest level of security.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Keeping your data confidential is critically important to us. Every user who attempts to access your Flowhub account is authenticated by Badge ID and password. Not only is your data encrypted, but Flowhub’s extensive permission controls allow the local administrator of your account to manage roles and access at your retail locations.


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