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The cannabis industry has a long history of inequality.

At Flowhub, we believe there's room for everyone. And we believe it’s our responsibility to invest in those who have been adversely impacted by the War on Drugs.

That's why we created the Flowhub Social Equity Program — to remove hurdles to entry for underrepresented entrepreneurs who dream of running a dispensary business.

Entrepreneurs are struggling to get into cannabis, and there is disproportionate access to capital that others take for granted. It’s time we offer some form of reciprocity to those targeted by the War on Drugs.

Kyle Sherman Flowhub Kyle Sherman, Founder and CEO at Flowhub

The Flowhub Social Equity Program will be available indefinitely and there is no limit to the number of awards we’ll grant, so apply at any time!

What's included?

Eligible social equity business owners will receive:

  • Flowhub POS software priced at $4.20 annually, up to 3 years for your 1st location
  • 2 free Nug Pro software subscriptions (Greet and Stash apps)
  • Free View app
  • Free implementation

The total award is valued at $50,000+ and is a 99.97% price discount.

Who is eligible?

To be considered for the Flowhub Social Equity Program, you must meet one or more of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your store ownership is part of an underrepresented group within the cannabis industry. Examples include but are not limited to minority-owned, woman-owned, or service-disabled veteran-owned dispensaries.
  • Your store ownership has had previous marijuana convictions and/or has been negatively impacted by the War on Drugs prior to state legalization, without selling to minors and without a violent crime record.
  • Your store holds an existing social equity license designated by a state agency.

Additionally, applicants must:

  • Be a new Flowhub customer
  • Have a legal dispensary license in a Flowhub-supported market
  • Have majority ownership in the cannabis business

    If you think you may qualify, apply and let us know why!

    We recommend reviewing the application questions and preparing your responses in a separate document before submitting.

    We will notify you of your status within 3-5 weeks.


      What are the Social Equity Program benefits?

      We provide selected applicants with almost $50k in free operational resources including:

      • Flowhub POS software for $4.20 annually (up to 3 years for your 1st location)

      • 2 free Nug Pro software subscriptions to Greet and Stash apps

      • Free View app

      • Free implementation

      How are applicants selected for the Social Equity Program?

      Our standardized scoring system is used to objectively approve applicants. You must meet one or more of the three eligibility criteria:

      • Underrepresented group (this includes but is not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, service-disabled veterans, and women-owned businesses);

      • Previous marijuana conviction; or

      • Social equity licensee designated by state

      Applicants must also be a new customer with a legal dispensary license in a Flowhub-supported market and have majority ownership in the business.

      Is there a limit to the number of awards granted annually?

      We will review applications and grant recipients on a rolling basis. The number of awards will depend on the volume of eligible applicants. We aim to reach as many eligible dispensaries as possible and want this program to make a real impact!

      If I am an existing Flowhub customer can I still apply?

      No, only new business deals are eligible. Applicants cannot have been a paying Flowhub customer within the last 12 months.

      What states are eligible for the Social Equity Program?

      Applicants must come from a Flowhub-supported market.

      When will I hear back about my application status?

      Flowhub will select and notify recipients on a rolling basis. You should hear back within 3-5 weeks of submission via email. Disqualified applicants will also be notified.

      What can I do to support the Flowhub Social Equity Program?

      We are excited to collaborate with other policy, technology, and media organizations that focus on enhancing social and racial equity in the cannabis industry. Email thomas.colitsas@flowhub.com to learn about how you can help grow our Social Equity Program.

      Who can I contact with questions about the program and application process?

      You can contact the Social Equity Administrator, Thomas Colitsas, via email at thomas.colitsas@flowhub.com


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