Accept debit cards. Sell more cannabis.

Flowhub Pay® is a fully integrated payment solution that allows your dispensary to process card transactions.


Ditch the ATM and forget clunky, manual payment systems.

Free your dispensary from operational risks with secure cannabis payment processing—seamlessly integrated with Flowhub POS.

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  • Increase revenue +30%

    Consumers spend more when they aren’t limited to the cash in their pocket. The average Flowhub Pay transaction is 33% higher than cash transactions.

  • Reduce shrinkage

    Eliminate human error and save thousands. With Flowhub Pay, there’s no double keying required in the POS app or the terminal.

  • Improve the customer experience

    Give customers a convenient, contactless way to pay and speed up transaction times with auto-populated totals.

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The grass really is greener

Flowhub Pay

Cannabis payments you can depend on.

  • Fully compliant, secure, and reliable
  • Seamless POS integration
  • Real-time reporting
  • No monthly fees
  • 1-day onboarding
  • Earn rebates on every transaction
  • Budtender tipping option

Other providers

⚠️ Warning! Some may be predatory. ⚠️

  • Risky, non-compliant
  • Not integrated, manual entry required
  • Lack of reporting and data transparency
  • Exclusive long-term contracts
  • Expensive setup and monthly fees
  • Approvals can take weeks
  • No rebate program
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8M+ compliant card payments processed

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Start accepting card payments today.

It’s a win-win for dispensaries 
and customers.