Cashless cannabis payments for dispensaries

Start accepting debit card payments at the point of sale — whether it's in-store, curbside, or delivery.

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Why Flowhub Payments?

Flowhub Payments is a fully integrated cannabis payment processing solution that allows your customers to pay with any PIN-based card through a cashless ATM terminal.

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Eliminate cash liability

Free your dispensary operation from cash security and safety risks with safe, secure, compliant card payment processing.

Speed up transactions

Modernize the customer experience by offering a seamless, convenient way to pay and accelerate transactions by 15%.

Increase revenue 30%

Increase customer spend up to 30% on every transaction and overall revenue by 22% when you graduate from a cash-only environment.

Here's how it works

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    To get started, all you need is a subscription to Flowhub, hardware and a checking account.

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    The customer pays $3.50 per approved transaction. You can accept any card with a cash advance PIN.

  • 3

    You will receive electronic settlement deposits directly to your business checking account within 24 hours.

Pricing and Fees

At Flowhub, we believe in price transparency. Too often, cannabis businesses get blindsided by hidden fees. We openly outline all Flowhub Payments program pricing so you will always know your costs ahead of time. There are no application fees or any other associated costs aside from the below.


— Hardware terminals:

Depending on your payments strategy, you may be interested in multiple or a combination of the hardware options below. For stationary retail environments, we recommend the ethernet terminal. If you need a completely wireless experience, choose a wifi-enabled terminal. The Wifi + 4G option is optimal for order ahead, curbside pick up and delivery services.

  • Ethernet: $250 per terminal
    • Pin pad: $175 (optional)
  • Wifi Only: $400 per terminal
  • Wifi + 4G: $450 per terminal
    • Wireless cellular fee: $35 per month (required)

— Hardware shipping:

Shipping is charged per package, so if you are purchasing multiple terminals, you will only pay one shipping fee.

  • Ground: $20
  • 2-day: $40
  • Overnight: $90

— Onboarding: $75 per terminal


— Service fee: $10 per terminal


Customer fee: $3.50 per transaction paid by the consumer

Declined transaction fee: $1 per transaction

Chargeback fee: $45

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not have a bank account?

Flowhub is connected with banks in all markets we currently serve. If you are interested in using Flowhub Payments but need banking, let us know and we can introduce you to a bank in your area that would enable you to utilize this service. Email us at

Can my customer use a credit card to pay?

Yes. Your customer can use a credit card with PIN number like a cash advance. Please be advised that the customer's bank might charge them additional fees for using cash advance on their credit card depending on the type of credit card and terms they have with with their bank.

How do I record cashless ATM transactions in my POS system?

Cashless ATM transactions must be completed in $5 increments ($5, $10, etc). For example, if the sales order is for $98.25, Flowhub will automatically run a cashless ATM transaction for $10 and will dispense $1.75 change in cash to issue to the customer.

What if my customers are uncomfortable paying a fee to process the transaction?

Your customer is paying the same fee should they have used a standalone ATM. The goal of cashless ATM is to limit the amount of cash passed between your employees and the consumer by providing a streamlined process that consumer is familiar with while eliminating cash handling entirely.

Will my customers be charged an additional fee for doing an out of network ATM withdrawal?

This is only applicable to specific banks that charge this fee. While the cashless ATM is not from a specific bank, the consumer would be the only one aware of this fee and it would only occur on a card by card basis.

Do I receive a portion of the surcharge fee collected from my customers?

No. 100% of customer surcharge fees are paid to the processor as the cost of utilizing this solution.


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