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Cookies Melrose


"It’s easy to use. It’s been easy to teach other people to use it. It’s helped us double up in numbers as far as our customer base. There has been a 50% increase in our sales."

Vartan Kalousdian
Store Manager


"People like the fact that we have a piece of technology in our hands using Flowhub and it's an easy, integrative system."

Mai Vo
Sales Associate

Logo Native Roots Dark

Native Roots

Tim Reeve Native Roots

“One of the great features that Flowhub offers us is they help us stay compliant at all times. Whether it’s receiving the product through Metrc or selling the product at the registers or affixing the exit labels, they’re keeping us compliant and within the laws of the state.”

Tim Reeve
District Manager


House of Dankness


"Flowhub helps us be a lot more streamlined and profitable. It gives us more time to focus on selling the brand and not have to worry about anything."

Melissa Stewart
Store Manager

Co Strawberry Fields 500 Purple

Strawberry Fields

Ethan Shean

"If there is any owner or operator asking about trustworthy and solid point of sale solutions, Flowhub is the first one we give out to them."

Ethan Shean
Regional Manager

Green Joint Logo Purple

The Green Joint

Brian Sullivan

"We've been using Flowhub for over a year and have loved it since day one. The support staff has been very responsive and their dedicated developers work hand in hand with us to enhance software functionality. If you operate a retail shop, you're in good hands with Flowhub!"

Brian Sullivan
VP of Retail Operations

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