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House of dank 100

House of Dank

Learn how House of Dank saves countless hours by upgrading to modern software with Flowhub.
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House of Dank cannabis dispensary in Detroit Michigan

"It was such an easy, smooth transition. When we moved over to Flowhub, I couldn’t believe the numbers we pulled on the first day and the fact that the staff were that good."

Lavia headshot

Lavia Yousif
COO, House of Dank

common citizen dispensary
Common citizen 100

Common Citizen

Learn how Common Citizen sets the bar for normalizing cannabis with Flowhub.
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"We don't have to worry about our software. It works and it's amazing. I know that we expect a high level of service, and you deliver. That is probably the biggest difference. It makes our lives easy."

Marla wald headshot

Marla Wald
Retail Director, Common Citizen

oregrown cannabis dispensary
Oregrown 100


Learn how Oregrown grows retail locations across Oregon with Flowhub.
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"Oregon is a very unique state in their rules and regulations. There were several point of sale [systems] that we went through that just weren’t designed for cannabis. We needed to switch to make it easier on our staff and remain in compliance."

Aaron elston

Aaron Elston
VP of Retail, Oregrown

Re Leaf Center logo veritical

ReLEAF Center for Compassionate Healthcare

Learn how the ReLEAF Centers save hours every day with Flowhub.
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Releaf Center for Compassionate Healthcare dispensary, Michigan

"We've grown with Flowhub and Flowhub has grown with us. My favorite thing about it is how easy it is to use. I use it every day."

George releafcenter headshot

General Manager, The ReLEAF Center for Compassionate Healthcare

green dragon dispensary

Green Dragon

Learn how Green Dragon reduced time spent on manual tasks by 90% with Flowhub.
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"We’ve been using Flowhub since 2016 and it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience with a great return on our investment. We are excited to continue to partner with the Flowhub team to expand our operations across Colorado."


Alex Levine
co-CEO, Green Dragon

dr greenthumbs dispensary
Ca Dr Greenthumb 150

Dr. Greenthumb's

Learn how Dr. Greenthumb's keeps business booming every day with Flowhub.
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"Honestly, I think every dispensary should have Flowhub. It’s made my job 10 times easier and I absolutely love the look and feel of the new platform layout. It’s simple, classy and reliable."

Hailie headshot

Hailie Kershaw
Shift Manager, Dr. Greenthumb's Sacramento



Learn how Cookies on Melrose creates a celebrity customer experience with Flowhub.
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cookies melrose dispensary

"It’s easy to use. It’s been easy to teach other people to use it. There has been a 50% increase in our sales."


Vartan "V" Kalousdian
Store Manager, Cookies Melrose

zen garden wellness dispensary
Zen garden wellness 100

Zen Garden Wellness

Learn how Zen Garden Wellness brings community and cannabis together with Flowhub.
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"Having the peace of mind that a company like Flowhub is here for you, for your consumers and for your continued growth really matters a lot.”


General Manager, Zen Garden Wellness

the green joint cannabis dispensary
The green joint horiz logo2

The Green Joint

Learn how The Green Joint is improving compliance and efficiency across four locations with Flowhub.
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"The support staff has been very responsive and their dedicated developers work hand in hand with us to enhance software functionality. If you operate a retail shop, you're in good hands with Flowhub!"

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan
VP of Retail Operations, The Green Joint


Green Man Cannabis

green man cannabis dispensary

"I recommend it for every other dispensary. I would say our success as a company and our growth is partially due to Flowhub. It allows us to maximize everything we do here with a really neatly rolled point-of-sale and inventory tracking system all in one."

Drew Collins
Assistant Manager


House of Dankness

house of dankness dispensary

"Flowhub helps us be a lot more streamlined and profitable. It gives us more time to focus on selling the brand and not have to worry about anything."

Melissa Stewart
Store Manager


Strawberry Fields

strawberry fields dispensary
Ethan Shean

"If there is any owner or operator asking about trustworthy and solid point-of-sale solutions, Flowhub is the first one we give out to them."

Ethan Shean
Regional Manager

Our customers Flowhub

"One of the biggest challenges opening a dispensary was choosing which POS. After using Flowhub, I know that I made the right choice."

"Flowhub is user-friendly and easy to implement. It was easy for our budtenders to learn, and the user experience is wonderful. Flowhub's customer service is incredibly helpful and responds in a timely manner. They take feedback and recommendations seriously, and we've seen Flownhub implement some of the changes we've requested."

"As a manager, Flowhub has saved me at least 20 hours per week in work."

"Flowhub is hands down been the best decision that I have made for my dispensary! They make it so easy to track sales, inventory, discounts, and employee activity, freeing me up to focus on our patients and continuing to grow my business. They respond to every need and issue with ease and quickness keeping us focused on generating revenue. While other systems were crashing on 420 Flowhub showed up, showed out, didn't skip a beat, and we didn't miss a single sale!"

"Flowhub helped us brand ourselves as the best Kush in the bush! We couldn't imagine running our business on anything other than Flowhub. They have the best customer support and one of the easiest tools to use!"

"Flowhub makes managing inventory SUPER easy!'

"Ryan at Flowhub helped me out after Metrc sales failed to upload correctly. I wanted to follow up and thank him for his time. He knew more about it than Metrc when I called them. That's kind of a big deal, so please thank him for Garden Mother. We appreciate his great attitude and knowledge base! Thanks so much!"

"People like the fact that we have a piece of technology in our hands using Flowhub and it's an easy, integrative system."

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