Dispensary Hardware Recommendations

Looking to up your technology game? These are the top hardware recommendations for running an efficient and effective POS.

cannabis dispensary hardware

Hardware Kits

Hardware is not one size fits all. Choose the best technology for your unique dispensary needs with these recommended kits to complete a full point-of-sale terminal.


Choose an all-in-one desktop computer for a complete setup with full computing power built into a monitor screen, and is supported by Flowhub.

Laptops & Tablets

Run Flowhub POS on laptop or tablet. Here are recommended options that meet our minimum system requirements.

Desktops & Monitors

Desktops are recommended for running reports, inventory management, as well as POS.

Cash Drawers

You can use any smart cash drawer that connects to your receipt printer with Flowhub.


Choose the best Flowhub supported scanner for your operation, listed here.


You will need both a label printer to create barcode labels for products in your store and a receipt printer for printing customer receipts.


Proper cannabis labeling is crucial for staying in compliance. Be sure to follow your state's specific label regulations.


You can integrate your scale directly with Flowhub POS. Currently, we support two models.


Reduce clutter and make dispensary operations easier with these accessories.