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What is Metrc?

Metrc is a seed-to-sale inventory tracking software system state regulators utilize to monitor commercial cannabis activity and compliance with state law. Every plant is required to be tracked individually with a Metrc RFID tag. Harvest wet weights and sales are to be reported to the state every day, among many other data points. Developed by Franwell, Metrc is an abbreviation for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance and is now the standard used by the majority of states with adult-use cannabis markets.

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What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is intuitive point of sale software for cannabis dispensaries. As the original Metrc integrator, we specialize in serving Metrc-compliant states including Colorado, California, Oregon, Alaska, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, and Nevada. Flowhub partners with hundreds of dispensaries and grows to simplify and automate daily cannabis compliance.

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  • Import new packages of inventory from Metrc
  • Verify package tags with pre-populated inventory information
  • Push sales reports to Metrc daily or automatically after each sale
  • Reconcile physical and reported data with the Inventory Discrepancy Report

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