Back-of-house management for modern cannabis retailers

Simplify retail operations and expand to new locations with centralized data insights, visibility, and control.

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One powerful hub to manage your entire operational flow

Manage is the back-of-house command center for enterprise multi-location management, product inventory, performance analytics, and state traceability reporting.

Flexible configuration

Customize your setup to match your unique supply chain workflow. Standardize and manage profit margins, taxes, labels, rooms, drawers, customer groups, loyalty settings, and more.

Robust Metrc integration

As the original Metrc integration partner, trust Flowhub to maintain full control over your data and stay compliant with state regulatory agencies. Import packages, resolve discrepancies, and report daily sales.

Deals engine

Create, manage, and standardize rule-based discounts across all locations at a corporate level. The best deal will automatically apply based on the products added to a customer cart.

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Global product catalog

Centralize your product information and maintain consistent naming conventions by creating a global catalog of all the products that you may sell in any of your stores.

Employee permissions

Minimize risk by limiting employee access to specific features. Delegate clear responsibilities for each employee depending on their role so they stay focused — and your sensitive data is safe and secure.

Inventory management

Accurately track, trace, and manage every inventory movement with compliance, confidence, and accuracy. Forecast product demand and reorder before your run out with customizable par levels.

Detailed activity tracking

Every action and update made in Flowhub is recorded and reportable in case of an audit or discrepancy. You’ll always know the who, what, why and where of any mishap and prevent it from happening again.

Dashboard analytics and reporting

Effectively track performance trends and make data-driven decisions in real time with visual dashboards. Generate custom reports using any combination of data and schedule them to run automatically.

Enterprise scalability

When you’re ready to grow, Flowhub is built to scale with you. Easily adopt existing back-of-house settings for new stores and standardize operations across retail locations.

Connect all your data and apps

Easily integrate Flowhub with over 50 technology integration partners. Drive dispensary performance with online ordering, digital menus, analytics, payment processing and more!

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