Friends of Flowhub Referral Program

Refer a dispensary and earn up to $2,000

Refer a dispensary

Know someone who would love Flowhub?

Cannabis is a tight-knit community. 

We're grateful to be a recommended partner in growing a healthy, thriving industry.

This referral program is our way of saying "thanks" and giving you some credit for helping us out.

How it works

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You refer.

Fill in the form to submit a dispensary referral to Flowhub. Refer as many as you like—there's no limit!

To ensure program integrity, you must have a personal relationship and be willing to make an email intro to your referral contact.

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They join.

To qualify, your referral must be a new lead, sign a minimum 12-month contract, and pay their subscription for two months.

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You both win!

Your referral gets 50% off their Flowhub implementation.

You get $1,500 per account. For multi-location accounts, add $100 per location—up to a total of $2,000!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Refer and earn

Complete the form so we can fulfill your reward once your referral becomes a Flowhub customer.

Submit your referral By submitting a referral, you are agreeing to the Referral Program Terms and Conditions.