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Flowhub isn't just software, we're a family. From onboarding and training to troubleshooting human and system errors — we're here for you.

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Your success is our success

No matter the size of your dispensary, you have access to an in-house support team of cannabis retail experts. We're happy to help.

You've continued to be a great support to the team, and I really appreciate that. That's one of the reasons we went with Flowhub. We felt the relationship was going to be really strong, so we appreciate you looking out for us."

Bill Frerichs Groundworks Industries headshot edited Bill Frerichs, VP of Retail at Groundworks Industries

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Getting started is easy

Flowhub has a proven 5-step implementation process to get you up and running quickly. New dispensary implementation takes less than 2 weeks on average.

  • 1

    Foundational Setup

    Customize Flowhub to match your store layout and workflows.

  • 2

    Product Catalog

    Create a master catalog of all your products and standardize your data.

  • 3

    Inventory, Deals & Reports

    Upload your current inventory via CSV, build your deals and schedule custom reports.

  • 4


    Set up hardware and train your front-of-house staff with test transactions.

  • 5

    Go Live!

    Flowhub is available to assist the day you go live to ensure a smooth transition.

“This has been by far a better implementation experience than any software I have ever tried. I know I need hand holding as this is all new and uncharted territory for me and nobody has taken the steps you all have to make sure I am comfortable and successful. You have been so helpful. I really appreciate it."

Emily Fant Northern Belle Holistic edited Emily Fant, Business Owner at Northern Belle Holistic

Flowhub Customer Service FAQ

What are Flowhub's support hours?

Our support teams are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. MST every day. Email or call (844) FLOWHUB to get in touch.

How do I get in contact with Flowhub's support teams?

Getting the assistance you need is easy. Simply email or call us directly at (844) FLOWHUB to reach our support teams. If we don't answer your call immediately, we will give you a call back in 30 minutes, or respond via email on the same day, on average.

What kind of support can I expect from Flowhub's support teams?

Flowhub has over 60 years in combined cannabis industry experience. You'll be in good hands across the three internal teams who handle different levels of support.

Our Implementation team is here to help you set up and successfully go live with Flowhub. You'll work with your very own Implementation Project Manager to help you every step of the way throughout the onboarding process. New dispensary implementation is a proven, 5-step process that takes less than 2 weeks on average.

Our Product Support team is here to help troubleshoot any system or human errors that may arise. You can always reach them by email via, or by phone at (844) FLOWHUB. The Product Support team primarily helps with troubleshooting software issues and will refer to the manufacturer's support team for any hardware issues.

Our Customer Success Managers are here to help with your dispensary's long term success and identify opportunities to leverage the Flowhub platform for increased value to your business. Customer Success Managers are also your liaison to gather critical feedback and suggestions for features and improvements.

How do I connect with Flowhub's integration partners?

Visit Flowhub's Partner page to see a full list of integrations and learn more about connecting your favorite applications to Flowhub.

How do I find resources to train my staff on Flowhub?

Our Help Hub is designed to provide all the self-help resources, training videos, and support articles you need to learn how to use the Flowhub platform. Check it out today!

Where do I find compatible hardware for the Flowhub platform?

Visit our hardware page to find a list of recommended and compatible hardware options to use with Flowhub.

How often does Flowhub release updates to the platform?

We believe in continuous release cycles and agile development. You can expect updates and improvements to the Flowhub platform every 2 weeks at a minimum. You will be notified of any new features and functionality directly in-app or via email.

How do I report system errors to the Flowhub team?

Email or call (844) FLOWHUB to troubleshoot and notify our team of any system errors you may encounter.

How do I submit suggestions for product features?

Relay any feedback or suggestions you have for improving the Flowhub platform to your Customer Success Manager.

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Tried and True

flowhub support

365-day support

Always available to help with 60+ years in combined cannabis experience

flowhub cannabis innovation

1,000+ locations

Thousands of medical and adult-use dispensaries trust Flowhub with compliance

flowhub cannabis payment processing

$3B+ sales

Reliably processing $3B+ cannabis sales annually across the U.S.

flowhub security

99.9% uptime

Secure technology hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform

Our customers Flowhub

"We've been using Flowhub for over a year and have loved it since day one. The support staff has been very responsive and their dedicated developers work hand in hand with us to enhance software functionality. You're in good hands with Flowhub!

"Flowhub's customer service is incredibly helpful and responds in a timely manner. They take feedback and recommendations seriously, and we've seen Flowhub implement some of the changes we've requested."

"Amazing customer service and training! I always tell other business owners about Flowhub."

"I just want to take a moment to thank you guys and tell you how great it is working with you. I never have to reach out and can always count on you guys to tell us about something new or something that's been fixed. Our 4/20 went so smooth and we owe it to you."

"Flowhub helped us brand ourselves as the best Kush in the bush! We couldn't imagine running our business on anything other than Flowhub. They have the best customer support and one of the easiest tools to use!"

“I have worked with quite a few other POS systems and I feel Flowhub is the best. Not just because of the stellar programming, but, because of you guys. Every single time I have an issue you guys get to the bottom of it immediately. You guys are rockstars!”

"Overall, it's easy to use, and the customer service team is SO worth it. They are incredibly helpful, prompt, and patient. I highly recommend Flowhub!"

"Ryan at Flowhub helped me out after Metrc sales failed to upload correctly. I wanted to follow up and thank him for his time. He knew more about it than Metrc when I called them. That's kind of a big deal, so please thank him for Garden Mother. We appreciate his great attitude and knowledge base! Thanks so much!"


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