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We’re a team of compliance experts, techies, problem solvers, and legalization advocates on a mission to make cannabis accessible to everyone, one legal transaction at a time.

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The Story

Prior to founding Flowhub CEO Kyle Sherman worked as a cannabis Compliance Officer. Coming from within the industry, he saw cannabis business owners struggling with their technology and experienced their problems firsthand.

Frustrated by existing software, Kyle became fueled by a passion to create Flowhub, a system that would accelerate workflows, increase accuracy, and simplify compliance—ultimately allowing cannabis legalization to expand nationally.

In early 2015, Kyle started building a team who shared his vision for the future of cannabis technology. He lobbied the Colorado Department of Revenue for an open API to Metrc, the state’s track and trace system, so that third parties like Flowhub could send data directly to the database instead of entering it manually. Today, Metrc API is the standard used in 10 states, with Flowhub being the first vendor with a direct integration.

Headquartered in downtown Denver, Flowhub is now trusted and loved by hundreds of cannabis retailers in the United States, processing over $1B in cannabis sales annually.

CEO and Founder, Kyle Sherman

Our Values

Img Advocate
We advocate for our customers.

We work vigorously to ensure our customers’ success. We are real, caring people behind the product, and we are here for you.

Img Change
We embrace change.

The cannabis industry is young and growing rapidly. We’re ready to adapt to new regulations and constant fluctuations as we navigate this exciting time in history.

Img Innovate
We pursue innovative solutions.

We strive to make your life easier by delivering on new technology to automate compliance and create the best cannabis dispensary experience possible.

Img Honest
We are honest, transparent, & inclusive.

We treat everyone with respect. We are radically open in our communication and understand the power of diversity in creating a healthy cannabis community.

Img Love
We love cannabis.

Built by cannabis lovers for cannabis lovers, we’re in this journey towards widespread legalization together. Love always finds a way.



Why choose Flowhub?

Compliance Expertise

Compliance expertise

You’re in good hands. Flowhub is proud to be the original Metrc integration partner with years of cannabis experience. We help you stay in compliance with automated state traceability reporting.

Secure technology

Secure technology

Your data security is our top priority. Flowhub is a cloud-based application hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We provide fast, uninterrupted, and reliable service with 99.9% uptime, baby.

Customer support

Top-shelf customer support

We're committed to helping our customers succeed. With your input, we're able to constantly improve our products. Our friendly team has a 98% call answer rate and is available every day of the week, 365 days per year.


Join the #flowsquad.

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