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Keep an eye on store performance through real time dashboards on your smartphone

dispensary analytics app
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Run your dispensary on the go

View is a mobile app designed to be the window into your dispensary business with easy-to-read data visualizations at your fingertips. Available on both iOS and Android.

Mobile accessibility

The View app can be downloaded to your personal smartphone, allowing you to step away from operations with ease and confidence.

Real-time performance data

See your store's performance and the data you care about with easy-to-read visualizations updated in real-time.

Multi-location visibility

Perfect for dispensary chains and teams with many management stakeholders. Empower your staff with data snapshots for all stores in one place.

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Sales data

Track your sales, before and after-tax, by product category, average basket size, and total number of transactions.

Employee data

See top selling budtenders for the most recent day, week, month or quarter. Who is on your leaderboard?

Inventory data

View total identified inventory discrepancies by room, or see your most popular vendor and products at a glance.

Connect all your data and apps

Easily integrate Flowhub with over 50 technology integration partners. Drive dispensary performance with online ordering, digital menus, analytics, payment processing and more!

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