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Agile Guide (Scrum Master)

Engineering Remote

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Flowhub is searching for an Agile Guide! This role is an Agile Office team member who spends much of their time helping other team members communicate, coordinate, and cooperate; generally, this person assists the team in meeting their delivery goals. The Agile Guide is a leader who enables teams through teaching Agile principles and practices, coaching with powerful questions and guiding team development. 


  • Exhibits Agile leadership – Exhibits the behaviors of an Agile Leader with an Agile mindset. Helps the team embrace Agile core values, adopt and apply Agile principles, and implement Agile practices.   
  • Supports the team rules – The rules of an Agile Team are lightweight, but they are rules nonetheless, and the Agile Guide is responsible for reinforcing them. These may include the rules of Scrum, Built-In Quality practices, Work in Process (WIP) limits, and any other process rules the team has agreed on.   
  • Facilitates the team’s progress toward team goals – The Agile Guide is trained as a team facilitator  and is continuously engaged in challenging the old norms of development to improve performance in the areas of quality, predictability, flow, and velocity. They help the team focus on daily and Iteration Goals in the context of the Portfolio Roadmap. 
  • Leads team efforts in relentless improvement – Helps the team improve and take responsibility for their actions; facilitates the team retrospective. Teaches problem-solving techniques and helps the team become better problem-solvers for themselves.  
  • Facilitates meetings – Coordinates, and sets purpose and outcomes for meetings including Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Retrospectives, Story Mapping and 5 Whys by applying tools, techniques and processes in support of high performance. 
  • Supports  the Product Manager– The Agile Guide helps the Product Manager as a member of the team in their efforts to manage the backlog and guide the team while facilitating a healthy team dynamic with respect to priorities and scope. 
  • Eliminates impediments – Many blocking issues will be beyond the team’s authority or may require support from other teams. The Agile Guide actively addresses these issues so that the team can remain focused on achieving the objectives of the Iteration.   
  • Promotes  quality practices – Provides guidance to assist the teams in constantly improving the quality of their deliverables and meeting the Definition of Done (DoD). The Agile Guide helps foster the culture of quality and technical discipline.
  • Builds a  high-performing team – Focuses on ever-improving team dynamics and performance. Helps the team manage interpersonal conflicts, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Escalates people problems to management where necessary, but only after internal team processes have failed to resolve the issue; helps individuals and teams through personnel changes. 
  • Protects and communicates – Communicates with management and outside stakeholders; helps protect the team from uncontrolled expansion of work.   
  • Coordinates with other teams – They often coordinate with the DevOps, UI/UX, Architecture, and Data Science teams. Inter-team coordination cannot be delegated entirely to the Agile Guide and the Agile Guide will guide the team to  shared responsibility.
  • Promote Agile practices beyond R&D– The Agile Guide is a master facilitator with a knack for helping teams flow value and will be responsible for helping teams outside of R&D learn from and apply Agile principles and practices. 
  • Support and Facilitate the OKR process– As a member of the Agile Office the Agile Guide will be a source of knowledge, facilitation and support for the OKR process throughout the company.

Desired Skills/Experience

  • 3+ years of experience working as a Scrum Master or similar Agile servant leadership role.
  • Strong skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continuous improvement, empowerment and increasing transparency. 
  • Strong understanding of the software development lifecycle.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and willingness to roll up one’s sleeves to get the job done.
  • Skilled at working effectively with cross functional teams.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.