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How The Pass cut inventory auditing time by 66%

30 minutes spent auditing daily with Stash
The Pass in the Berkshires, Massachusetts


The Pass is a vertically-integrated cannabis business in Massachusetts. Their Berkshires campus features a retail store, indoor and outdoor grows, and processing facilities.

With a focus on growing and selling their own quality products, The Pass is the embodiment of “Farm to Label.”

The Pass uses Flowhub software for inventory management, point of sale, and compliance. Brian Lizotte, Operations Manager, says the one word he’d use to describe Flowhub is “easy.”

But his real secret weapon is Flowhub’s exclusive handheld mobile scanner, the Nug. It not only streamlines check in, but makes inventory auditing 66% faster.

The challenge

One major pain for The Pass was the time needed and risk of human error for daily audits and inventory control. “It used to take us an hour and a half to count every day,” shares Brian Lizotte, Operations Manager at The Pass.

"We were counting on paper and pens and then uploading. It was painful."

Brian Lizotte
Operations Manager at The Pass

The solution

As Flowhub customers, The Pass have the option to use the Nug Pro™, an exclusive handheld scanner device, with apps for both customer check in (Greet®) and managing inventory (Stash®).

Using Stash has decreased time spent auditing inventory by 66% for The Pass, and decreased errors by taking the process digital and mobile.

The outcome

According to Lizotte, auditing with Stash takes maybe 30 minutes, compared to 90 minutes before — that's an hour saved every day!

"The Nug made it so we didn't have to count on paper anymore and that saved us a ton of time."

Brian Lizotte
Operations Manager at The Pass

The inventory team at The Pass uses the Stash app every night for auditing and to move inventory between rooms quickly. They carry the Nug in their back pocket so it’s always accessible. They pull it out, scan the item, and move it immediately.

Without the Nug, “you have to go to the product, get a number, go to the computer, type in the number, move the product, then go back to the product. It is easy to forget a step,” says Lizotte.

the pass dispensary staff massachusetts

"We had little techniques that we would do to speed up auditing, like we'd put out less product or not refill the bins at a certain time, but now we don't have to do those techniques because it's so fast,” adds Lizotte. “We save a lot of time with the Nug. And it saves us on staffing too, because we don't have to have as many many employees counting."

"The Nug is revolutionary. That is what sells [Flowhub] to me over a lot of other POS’s. I really think the Nug changes the game."

Brian Lizotte
Operations Manager at The Pass


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