Mobile inventory management for modern cannabis retailers

Streamline your dispensary operations, maximize efficiency, and reduce inventory management cycles — all without being tied to a computer.

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Save time and money with optimal inventory flow

Stash is a simple mobile application pre-loaded on the handheld Nug scanner device for accurate inventory audits and transfers across multiple store locations.

Pocket friendly

Still tied to a computer or counting by hand? Inventory management is a physical job. Save hours and automate manual work with a mobile app that can move with you.

Fast inventory audits

Allow any employee to conduct regular inventory audits with speed and accuracy. Simply batch scan package tags and SKUs to align physical and digital inventory counts with state tracking systems.

Discrepancy approval workflows

Create a digital paper trail for total compliance and visibility into your operations. Proactively prevent discrepancies by configuring workflows for managers to confirm approval prior to state traceability reporting.

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Distribution management

Maximize operational efficiency by establishing a central distribution hub for your supply chain and easily manage inventory across multiple dispensary locations with a few taps.

Move between rooms

Busy stores are constantly moving products from room to room. Control inventory available "for sale" or "not for sale" from the palm of your hand in bulk. Simply scan, tap, and move!

Real-time data sync

Stash integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Flowhub platform in real time, allowing for always up-to-date inventory information connected to point of sale, back-of-house operations and compliance reporting.

Connect all your data and apps

Easily integrate Flowhub with over 50 technology integration partners. Drive dispensary performance with online ordering, digital menus, analytics, payment processing and more!

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