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How Green Point Wellness achieves multi-store success with over-the-top service

2.5x revenue growth
Green Point Wellness cannabis dispensary

About Green Point Wellness

Green Point Wellness is a multi-location dispensary that’s found a harmonious balance between high in-store foot traffic and attentive, personalized experiences for every customer.

In an industry where many retailers sell similar products, Green Point Wellness focuses on “over-the-top” customer service, with award-winning budtenders offering shoppers in-depth education, product information, and a friendly conversation.

green point wellness service

“We don't take the approach of new workflows like kiosks in the lobby or online orders. We want to engage with customers in our store. That's part of what sets us apart – our over-the-top customer service in an industry where everybody can access virtually the same products.”

Dean Warner
Dispensary Supervisor at Green Point Wellness

Dean Warner

With a customer-centric business model and modern technology from Flowhub, Green Point Wellness is experiencing steady dispensary growth and reliable success in the Maryland cannabis market.

This story highlights the Green Point Wellness recipe to success, including everything from their adult-use transition to expansion and multi-location management.

Preparing for the worst

Green Point Wellness sees a ton of customers on any given day. To keep up, they have 10+ registers in each dispensary location.

Even though demand for their business has always been strong, the Green Point team historically found themselves preparing for the worst on their biggest sales days.

The problem was their POS system. It regularly crashed and timed out, particularly on the days Green Point Wellness really needed the solution to work.

“With our previous POS, it was almost a sure thing that the system would crash. We used to prepare the team for outages and teach them not to panic. That’s crazy, right? Preparing for a solution to not work?”

Dean Warner
Dispensary Supervisor at Green Point Wellness

Dean Warner

Now, Dean and the Green Point Wellness team are using Flowhub Maui, a platform that’s 20x faster and built for reliability on even the busiest days.

Dean said, “That was the reason we went with Flowhub – the stability is simply unmatched.”

Green Point Wellness using Flowhub Maui

Opening the adult-use floodgates

The ultimate test for both Green Point Wellness and Flowhub Maui came in July 2023, when Maryland began adult-use cannabis sales.

To meet demand head-on, Dean said they “went barebones and took away curbside pickup, online orders, and phone orders. We just focused on crowd control.”

This simplified approach proved successful for Green Point Wellness as they saw a continuous 2.5x growth in revenue from day one. They were also delighted to see Maui not only operating smoothly, but facilitating busy in-store operations.

“Maui’s ease-of-use for our team stood out during the adult-use transition. The less stress that is on the team the better. We had zero hiccups in the system and were able to check customers in really fast and efficiently.”

Dean Warner
Dispensary Supervisor at Green Point Wellness

Dean Warner

Personalizing the customer experience

Green Point Wellness's ability to personalize cannabis shopping for every customer is an impressive mix of employee training/culture and customer-centric operations.

The Green Point team is a curated group of knowledgeable, friendly individuals. They’ve even had staff win "Best Budtender in the State of Maryland" in the Baltimore Sun's Readers Choice "Best of Maryland" issue (more than once)!

green point wellness budtenders

Green Point’s budtenders don’t forget personal aspects of orders because Dean says, “We regularly use Flowhub’s ‘Customer Profile’ feature. Budtenders note things about customers and use those notes to guide the sales process every time they come back to the store.”

Product discounts and a generous loyalty program are also significant contributors to customer acquisition and retention at Green Point Wellness. These features are built into Maui and populate automatically, so Dean and his team don’t waste time searching if products are on special or how many points customers earn.

“The auto-populating discounts take a lot of stress off our managers. Because the deals are locked in, there's no question about why something didn’t ring up as discounted or whether or not something is on special. It’s all auto-populated, which takes a lot of the thinking out of the process.”

Dean Warner
Dispensary Supervisor at Green Point Wellness

Dean Warner

Trustworthy cashless payments

Like many dispensaries, the Green Point Wellness team made a decision to stay away from cannabis payment solutions.

"Whatever they tried to push on us, like crypto or paying with credit cards, we avoided. There's just a lot of fraud and sketchy stuff out there."

green point wellness debit payments

But with their rapid growth and a new adult-use customer base, Dean and team needed an alternative to cash “to make sure there wasn't a boatload of money to count and protect every single day.”

Dean now trusts Flowhub Pay for compliant debit payments – and he never looked back.

"Flowhub Pay is working like clockwork. Money's hitting the account the next day, which is exactly what you want to see. So yeah, we’re really happy."

Dean Warner
Dispensary Supervisor at Green Point Wellness

Dean Warner

Expansion and multi-location management

After opening the first location in 2017, Green Point Wellness has added two more dispensaries with significant traffic at every shop.

Green Point Wellness dispensary exterior

Managing inventory across locations has been an exciting challenge for Dean, who says he transports products between licenses in what used to be a catering van. He added, “It’s funny, I’m driving around with 5 pounds of weed in the van when it looks like I should have 5 pounds of mashed potatoes.”

With new licenses and more customers than ever, Green Point Wellness receives inventory deliveries 7 days a week. Intaking and distributing that inventory is something Maui has simplified for their team.

"That's the most clutch thing about using Flowhub Maui – its ability to easily bring in inventory, print labels, get it all stickered, and then move it out onto the floor. The process is seamless. "

Dean Warner
Dispensary Supervisor at Green Point Wellness

Dean Warner

Closing words from Dean

When asked what advice he would give other cannabis retailers, Dean’s answer left us feeling inspired:

“Always work hard and never forget we work in the greatest industry that anyone could ever imagine. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and forget what we're doing is supposed to be groundbreaking and fun. We're selling legal cannabis for a living. It's amazing and a lot of people never thought we'd see this day. That’s my advice, put in the work and then never forget why we’re doing this.”

Dean Warner at Green Point Wellness

Thank you to Green Point Wellness for your partnership and dedication to the cannabis industry!

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