Introducing Deals — The Smartest Discount Engine in Cannabis

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It’s no secret that cannabis consumers love a good deal. In fact, consumers saved over $90 million using discounts provided by Flowhub retailers in the past year.

After analyzing discount usage and hearing your feedback, we realized that dispensary staff need more flexibility to create more dynamic, automated promotions to innovate and compete. That’s why I’m excited to introduce Deals, a new way to automate all your dispensary promotions in Flowhub Maui.

Deals gives your dispensary a competitive edge by making dispensary specials easy, intuitive, and good for both your business and your customers.

In this post, you’ll learn key features that make Flowhub Deals the smartest deal maker in cannabis.

The best deal always wins

Flowhub Deals is built with smart matching technology to ensure the best deal always applies automatically in the cart. Dispensary management can build Deals for all dispensary locations across different states from a centralized promotional engine to create auto-apply or promo code discounts.

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This new version of Deals helps address the need to manage how discounts interact with each other, or “stack” — so you can control discounting decisions at a location level, or override at a deal level.

This helps reduce discount overuse (like "double dipping") at locations where you want to keep margins high, reduces the need for manual discounting, and cuts down on wait time for your customers.

Budtenders will see a clear application of discount(s) in the customer cart and can easily disable and re-enable competing discounts at the point of sale.

New AND/OR logic creates flexibility

With improved AND/OR logic, you have flexibility to set specific criteria for a wide variety of BOGO and Mix-and-Match deals. You can choose whether the deal criteria is connected with an "AND" (all must match) or an "OR" (any can match).

cannabis discount

Pictured above, you’ll see you can buy any packed bud from Cookies or Caliva and get any pre-roll for $1.

You can use Flowhub’s advanced filters to discount eligible products based on Category, Brand, Supplier, Strain, Type, and more.

You're also able to copy Deals criteria for complex AND/OR statements, allowing you to create multiple similar parts of your deal in fewer clicks.

Fully customize your discounts

There’s no shortage of creative options to build the perfect deal at your dispensary. New advanced Deals rules in Flowhub Maui give you the power to create (almost) any special you can dream of.

flowhub advanced rules

Custom settings include:

  • Discount types - choose dollar amount off, percentage off or new price point

  • Audience settings - apply to specific customer types and groups, order types (pick up, delivery, in-store), or locations

  • Timeframe settings - schedule automated discounts for certain days of the week, hours or date range

  • Promo codes - create one-time or recurring code-based promotions

  • Deal limits - determine how many times a deal can be used

  • Product selection filters - choose to have Deals apply to all product or select multiple product types, brands, or categories at once

  • Exclusionary logic - easily exclude specific items from being eligible for a deal

  • Minimum thresholds - set a minimum cart subtotal to qualify

Deals will apply to all current and future products that meet the necessary criteria, not just current inventory. So you won't have to adjust these specials when adding or removing products at your store(s).

Create unique deal bundles

Bundles allow you to create deals with multiple inventory items grouped together. Think gift baskets, legal limit specials, or any other deal where you'd like to include multiple inventory items on a single SKU.

flowhub bundles

In the Holiday Bundle example above, the customer will receive a holiday tote bag with an edible and pre-roll sold together for $30 total.

Another example of a bundle is a legal limit special, where a budtender scans a single SKU and all products in the bundle are added to the cart to reach the customer or patient's legal limit.

This is brand new functionality, and we can't wait to see what creative deal Bundles you make!

Need some deals inspiration?

Here are 5 dispensary deals that’ll give you an edge over the competition:

  1. Support your people: 15% off for employees, locals or veterans.
  2. Increase cart size: Bundle full price items with reduced price items.
  3. Make room for new inventory: Automatically discount expiring products.
  4. Retain loyal customers: Set up a recurring happy hour or day of the week special.
  5. Encourage order ahead: Pickup orders get 10% off.

These advancements are only the beginning. We have lots more on the way, so keep sharing your feedback and we'll notify you as new functionality becomes available in Flowhub Maui.

Not a Flowhub customer yet? Book a demo to see the new Deals engine!

Matthew Tharpe

Matt Tharp

Matt Tharp is the VP of Product at Flowhub responsible for the technical vision, strategy and development of the product. Prior to Flowhub, Matt co-founded two startups focused on making the intersection of automated intelligence, behavior, and conversation accessible. He has since shifted his focus and expertise to the cannabis industry to help operators simplify and find greater success with technology. Matt has been featured in MIT Technology Review, Forbes, eMarketer, CIO, and created and taught classes on Behavior Design at General Assembly.

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