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Smooth sailing: How Chesapeake Apothecary saves time and money after switching to Maui™

$10,000+ cost savings
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About Chesapeake Apothecary

Fittingly described as a “nautical, old-school pharmacy that sells weed,” Chesapeake Apothecary is the parent brand and flagship dispensary to a growing fleet of cannabis retail locations in West Virginia and Maryland.

None of these dispensaries look or feel the same – each has a unique theme and experience that blends with the personality of the neighborhoods they’re nestled in.

But these dispensary locations have one thing in common, they’re all operating on the same cannabis point of sale system: Flowhub Maui.

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Anchoring success with the right software

Jaclyn Enlow, Director of Operations for Chesapeake Apothecary, has seen it all when it comes to cannabis retail software. Unfortunately, her past POS system experiences haven't been positive.

“I started searching for a new POS system after my last one (a notable company in the cannabis space) was out of compliance. I lost two members of my staff during the week of Christmas because the system’s cannabis counter didn’t catch that a customer exceeded their purchase limits,” said Jaclyn.

Non-compliance in the cannabis industry can have more severe implications than paying a fine. For Jaclyn, it meant her staff lost their livelihood, and she lost valuable employees.

Compliance wasn't Jaclyn's only concern. The POS system Jaclyn was using had too many bloated features and reports, most of which were useless for Chesapeake Apothecary.

After a trial and error with numerous cannabis software solutions, Jaclyn was overjoyed when she discovered Flowhub Maui – a focused platform built for high-volume dispensaries that makes selling cannabis a breeze.

“I love the ease of Flowhub Maui. It's seamless and intuitive and it's everything that you need without the stuff you don’t.”

Jaclyn Enlow
Director of Operations at Chesapeake Apothecary

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Jaclyn notably saved "$10,000 a year" after switching to Flowhub Maui and no longer worries about losing employees to violations and compliance issues.

Easy onboarding — no staff training required!

Onboarding a new point of sale system can be stressful. There are so many moving pieces and opportunities for error that many busy retail shops elect not to switch even if they want to.

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Any onboarding concerns about Flowhub Maui were immediately washed away for Chesapeake Apothecary. Jaclyn said, “We switched [to Maui] essentially overnight. The onboarding was a breeze!”

Learning to use Maui was especially easy for Jaclyn’s front of house staff, who found the software incredibly straightforward. So much so, that Jaclyn didn't even need to train them on the new software!

“When we onboarded Flowhub Maui with our front of house staff, I didn’t need to train them at all. I had them shadow me for a few transactions and after that, they were ready to go.”

Jaclyn Enlow
Director of Operations at Chesapeake Apothecary

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Flowing with the best cannabis POS available

Not all point of sale systems are designed specifically for the nuanced cannabis industry. A cannabis software has to be built with a deep understanding of market-by-market regulations and cannabis retail pain points.

Jaclyn noticed how important a built-for-cannabis POS really is after onboarding. She described Maui as “something that was actually designed for cannabis so it's more effective for the things dispensaries do day to day.”

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Like all successful cannabis retailers, Jaclyn uses data to guide her business decisions. She says being able to see things like total transactions, average cart size, and compare individual store performance “is all really helpful for determining things like which products to stock or where I need to hire new employees.”

“Flowhub Maui is streamlined to the things that you need as a cannabis retailer. Everything is readily available and easy to find. Flowhub Maui is truly built for cannabis.”

Jaclyn Enlow
Director of Operations at Chesapeake Apothecary

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Chesapeake Apothecary continues to grow and expand on Flowhub Maui with their recent transition from medical-only to adult-use sales in Maryland. Chesapeake Apothecary has experienced more than a 3x sales increase in two weeks since adult-use started on July 1, 2023.

Thank you to Jaclyn and the team at Chesapeake Apothecary! We're proud to be your software partner and look forward to supporting your continued success.

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