Mobile hardware for modern cannabis retailers

Modernize your dispensary operations with Flowhub's handheld Nug Pro® scanner device for speeding up daily workflows from front to back of house.

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What's the Nug Pro?

Flowhub's Nug is the cannabis industry's first mobile check-in and inventory management device with built-in applications designed to save time and keep you compliant. We've upgraded the hardware to bring you an all-new experience with Nug Pro.

Nug 1000w

Now bigger and faster

A 27% bigger screen allows you to see more in-app details like your customer queue and inventory list. Make audits and ID verification a breeze with faster than ever scanning capabilities and a white light that is easier on the eyes.

Longer lasting

With a newer enterprise-grade iPhone model paired with an updated Honeywell sled, Nug Pro has a longer battery life, lasting 17% longer between charges up to 8 hours and acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot if your internet ever goes down.

More durable

Nug Pro has increased durability with an improved healthcare-grade plastic full body scanner and a built-in screen cover that protects the device from drops, dust, and spills. Built to withstand drops up to 4 feet.

Highly secure

Built specifically with Flowhub's proprietary software for compliant dispensary operations, Nug Pro has globally controlled mobile device management (MDM) for secure updates and data backup to prevent breaches and hacks.

What can Nug Pro do for your dispensary?

cookies melrose dispensary

Optimize your customer flow with the Greet App™

Instant check in, valid ID and age verification, automatically upload documents, queue management, performance reporting, Wi-Fi, and cellular data.

It's an easy process with the Nug. All you do is scan the ID, and everything pops up. Hit add customer, and it's set!

Mai-headshot Mai Vo, Sales Associate at Cookies Melrose, CA

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Save hours on inventory management with the Stash App®

Pocket-friendly, fast mobile inventory audits, built-in discrepancy workflows, distribution management, move between rooms, real-time data sync.

Stash is a godsend! It has changed our workflows dramatically and saves us 2-3 hours per day on inventory management.

Ashley Noxon at The Lodge, Colorado

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Try the Nug Pro today

Optimize your dispensary operations with the only integrated mobile check-in and inventory management solution in cannabis.

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Flowhub helps dispensaries run fast, smooth, and compliant business operations.