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Tamarack Cannabis Stays Compliant While Transitioning to Rec Sales in Montana

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Erin Bolster, Owner of Tamarack Cannabis in Montana, doesn’t just provide outstanding cannabis to her customers, she fights for the plant’s proper legislation.

Erin has been rigorously involved in instilling reasonable medical cannabis laws in Montana to make sure not only her dispensary can thrive, but the entire state succeeds as well.

Erin’s shop — Tamarack Cannabis — is named after the native ​​deciduous conifer tree in Glacier National Park whose soft needles turn golden in the fall, drop from the tree and return each spring.

This woman-led dispensary is committed to innovation, support for employees, and a resounding love for the outdoors.

The challenge

Tamarack — like every dispensary — sees compliance as a constant battle, especially in Montana where laws are constantly changing and the legalization of recreational sales remained ambiguous up until the first day of legal sales on January 1, 2022.

In the earlier days of Montana’s medical marijuana program, there weren't many point-of-sale solutions that could handle the nuanced cannabis laws the state instituted. The Tamarack Cannabis team knew they needed a partner that was able to properly integrate with Metrc in order to keep their shop compliant.

In the first month allowing adult-use, the state of Montana doubled its cannabis sales. This meant a massive fluctuation in foot traffic and also opened dispensaries like Tamarack up to potential compliance risks.

“The challenge is compliance. That’s something we pride ourselves on and it’s something we do appreciate Flowhub’s involvement in. Just making sure that we stay within the bounds of the law that is ever-changing and that can come down to some small pieces that have to be done right in order to keep your license.”

Erin Bolster
Owner of Tamarack Cannabis

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While it's a good problem to have, more customers means every aspect of your dispensary has to be in tip-top shape. The Tamarack team had to double down on their staff and technology to meet consumer demand compliantly.

The solution

Tamarack’s team chose Flowhub to help keep their dispensary compliant. They found that Flowhub was the only POS available that could keep up with Montana’s rapidly changing compliance requirements.


While Flowhub grew in Montana, Tamarack did as well. They stuck with the software and prepared for the addition of recreational sales on January 1, 2022.

From the start of adult-use sales, the Erin and her team took advantage of Flowhub’s advanced tools, such as the Nug Pro® scanner, in order to keep up with a flood of new customers.

“We use the Nug with rec. I will admit it saved our butt on January 1st because we had a big crowd so being able to just walk down the line, scan IDs, and put everyone in a digital queue was great.”

Erin Bolster
Owner of Tamarack Cannabis

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Tamarack also had to implement new Med vs. Rec pricing at the start of the year and was delighted to find that Flowhub made this process simple.

Erin said she “loved that we can still have med-primary customers that have a different price structure while we still work from the same inventory.” She noted that “Flowhub is unique in its ability to do that. A lot of the other POS’s that I’ve seen can't.”

Thank you to the Tamarack Cannabis team for the hard work you’ve done for Montana’s cannabis legislation, we’re excited to see what your business has in store next!

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