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How Diem streamlined the check out process to better serve customers

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Diem started in 2016 as a small shop in Oregon. They quickly grew to be the largest home delivery company in the state.

In 2018, the brand expanded into Massachusetts. Now Diem has two shops in MA, with a third on the way, as well as two dispensaries in Oregon.

Their success is a testament to hard work, cannabis expertise, and outstanding customer service. The team at Diem have dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality products in an educational, friendly environment.


The challenge

Diem was struggling with how complicated their previous point-of-sale software was to use. Their budtenders were spending too much time trying to work the software instead of interacting with customers.

"If you have to memorize a complex procedure just to exchange cannabis for money, as a budtender you don’t have a chance to build a relationship with your customer."

Chris Mitchem
Diem Founder & CEO

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They were also dealing with complexities on the back end, specifically with inventory management. There were too many steps involved, and therefore too many opportunities for error. They were constantly fixing mistakes.

To remedy these issues, the Diem team switched their POS provider multiple times. Chris Mitchem, Diem’s Founder & CEO, recalled that they’ve tried almost every POS platform available.

Yet they couldn’t find one that worked for them until switching to Flowhub.

The solution

Diem has been with Flowhub for over 3 years. They’ve grown with the software and have been pleased to see many new features pop up over a short period of time.

One of their favorite benefits is that they were immediately able to simplify their checkout process.

Diem uses Flowhub’s mobile Nug® scanners to check customers in, add them to the queue, and easily check them out. This allows budtenders to spend time serving customers instead of working through complicated processes.

Diem using Flowhub

On the back-end, Diem can now manage inventory successfully. They no longer had to go back and re-enter data or fix mistakes.

It relieved a lot of stress for Chris and his teams to no longer worry about inventory. Their workflows are error-proof. In an industry where you can be audited at any time, this is crucial.

"We are continuing to see innovation. As the industry continues to evolve, Flowhub is evolving with it. That's why we're believers and we're sticking with Flowhub."

Chris Mitchem
Diem Founder & CEO

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Thank you to Diem for your continued partnership. Your brand is proof that the cannabis industry is evolving in the right direction.

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