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How Cannatopia transitioned to Metrc in Oklahoma

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Founded on the undying power and belief of the marijuana plant, Cannatopia Dispensary opened its doors in 2019 with the passage of OK SQ788, the medical marijuana legalization initiative in Oklahoma.

Proudly serving several Oklahoma communities, Cannatopia strives to offer clean, safe medicine in a respectful and compassionate boutique environment.


The challenge

Oklahoma’s adoption of Metrc as its track and trace program has not been easy for many of the state’s dispensaries. Most had to make major adjustments to workflows and onboard new systems to remain compliant.

There is still confusion surrounding the logistics of Oklahoma’s Metrc implementation. Delays have caused some shops to wonder if it will ever actually come to fruition.

Cannatopia made the decision to get on board with Metrc in May of 2021. They wasted no time getting started and haven’t looked back since. As expected, there was a slight learning curve in the beginning.


The solution

The Cannatopia team found that Flowhub’s support was ready and available for the Metrc transition process. With the originally tight deadlines for Metrc implementation, our team worked diligently to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible.

"It has been overall a very successful implementation and I am grateful for the support Flowhub has offered during this time."

Marena Bitz
Vice President at Cannatopia Dispensary

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While some Oklahoma dispensaries dreaded the onboarding of this track and trace system, Cannatopia proved that they were ahead of the game when it came to running a compliant dispensary in the state.

It doesn’t hurt to have support from your dispensary management software when undergoing a process like this. Especially when your software was the original Metrc integrator!

This integration has also empowered the Cannatopia team to be more efficient and compliant.

“User experience takes precedence over anything when it comes to a point-of-sale system. My team members need to be able to do their job effectively with minimal lag and frustration. Flowhub has delivered just that.”

Marena Bitz
Vice President at Cannatopia Dispensary

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Thank you to the entire Cannatopia team for leading the way in Oklahoma!

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