Efficient Cannabis Delivery: New Onfleet Integration, Metrc Manifest Automation, Order Statuses, and More

Flowhub Maui Cannabis Delivery

That satisfied feeling we all get when food, drinks, and packages are dropped off right at our door has made delivery a universal standard for retail shoppers. The same is true for retail cannabis products, which Onfleet found 59% of Americans would prefer purchasing via delivery versus in-store.

Demand for delivery isn’t the problem for cannabis retailers, it’s building a sustainable delivery workflow. Complex regulations and high costs to safely manage operations make onboarding delivery a tough decision for dispensaries.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Flowhub Maui’s enhanced delivery workflow which allows retailers to seamlessly accept, fulfill, and deliver compliant cannabis orders from a dispensary storefront.

With delivery in Flowhub Maui, high-volume dispensaries benefit from improved efficiency, increased revenue, and better customer satisfaction thanks to optimized delivery workflows, centralized order fulfillment, and real-time integrations with Onfleet and Metrc.

Modern cannabis retailers using Flowhub delivery now have the tools to build a profitable cannabis delivery workflow that satisfies the growing majority of consumers who want products delivered via ecommerce.

This post explains the features of Flowhub delivery and how the new process works.

Flowhub cannabis delivery workflow

New cannabis delivery features

Efficient cannabis delivery with Flowhub Maui includes significant time-saving features, like automated Metrc manifests, a push-and-pull integration with Onfleet, and detailed order status tracking on a central dashboard.

Automated Metrc Manifests

Flowhub will automatically create the sales delivery Metrc Manifest, meaning you will never have to log into Metrc during your fulfillment process.

delivery metrc manifest automation

Our sales delivery manifest automation is built with compliance safeguards to ensure the Manifest is pushed to Metrc with the correct driver, route, and delivery time information.

Seamless Onfleet integration

We’ve partnered with Onfleet – the leading delivery management software for the cannabis industry – to help support “last mile” delivery logistics, including:

  • GPS routing

  • Turn by turn route navigation

  • Signature collection

  • Proof of delivery

  • Real-time syncing with Flowhub

Delivery drivers can operate exclusively within the Onfleet application, while dispatchers, budtenders, and other dispensary staff manage orders in Flowhub – maintaining clear workflows across employees throughout the delivery process.

Granular orders dashboard statuses

Flowhub’s Orders Dashboard provides granular visibility into the status of delivery orders. Dispensary staff can easily identify new orders, the order type, and track where a delivery is at any point in the fulfillment process.

The Orders Dashboard includes the following statuses:

  • New: Order intake from ecommerce providers

  • In Progress: Currently being fulfilled

  • Ready: Task automatically submitted to Onfleet, ready to be assigned to a driver

  • Ready for Delivery: Ready to be submitted to Metrc and taken with assigned driver

  • Out for Delivery: Task started in Onfleet or “Put in Vehicle” was selected

  • Delivered: Marked as complete in Onfleet, ready to finish the transaction in Flowhub

  • Delivery Failed: Marked as failed in Onfleet, must cancel the delivery

How delivery works in Flowhub

The delivery workflow in Flowhub is simple for both retail customers and dispensary staff. Dispensaries can easily intake orders from any ecommerce provider, automatically create and complete the Metrc sales delivery manifest, and integrate Onfleet for "last mile" delivery logistics — all within a centralized fulfillment dashboard.

Watch this short demo video to see it in action:

(Note: Utilizing the Onfleet integration is optional. In Flowhub Maui, you may also complete delivery orders without Onfleet. See how it works here.)

Here's how a typical delivery order might work step-by-step in Flowhub Maui:

1. A customer places an order through any ecommerce partner, like Dispense, Jane, Leafly, Weedmaps, or Dutchie.

Flowhub’s integration with every popular cannabis ecommerce provider offers your customers the flexibility to choose where to order from. Retailers are also able to list their menu across multiple ecommerce sites and push all orders to the POS. This maximizes your store’s visibility and centralizes the delivery fulfillment workflow.

Streamline delivery operations!

Download the free dispensary delivery SOP

2. The new order is displayed in the “New Orders” column of Flowhub’s Orders status board.

3. Orders are prepared for delivery as you would build any cart.

Delivery orders come in a pre-built cart, which budtenders verify and then gather, process, and package the corresponding products for.

4. Once fulfillment staff prepare the order, they move it in the Orders dashboard to the “Ready” column. A dispatcher then assigns a driver through Onfleet, which moves the order to the “Ready for Delivery” status.

5. A dispatcher can then pull up the Flowhub version of the sales delivery Metrc manifest and fill in any necessary information to send the delivery manifest to Metrc.

6. Once a driver starts a task in Onfleet and arrives at their destination, they will be able to communicate with the customer, collect a signature and photo, and save any notes about the order.

7. When the order is finished in Onfleet, it is moved to the “Delivered” status in Flowhub where the transaction is completed and the sales delivery manifest is automatically marked as complete in Metrc.

More delivery features are on the way… 🚚

Achieving a profitable delivery workflow can be challenging in cannabis retail. But consumers want cannabis delivered to their door, so we must find a way to satisfy them.

The delivery workflow in Flowhub Maui is a foundation you can use to build efficient dispensary delivery.

The newest enhancements are just the start. We are continuously adding new features and improving our delivery functionality to best fit the modernizing cannabis retail sector.

Stay tuned!

If you have questions or want to learn more about delivery in Flowhub Maui, schedule a demo today.

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