Announcing Flowhub Maui™ — A New Way to Sell Cannabis

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Cannabis should sell itself, right?

It’s not so simple. The U.S. cannabis industry is expected to reach $32 Billion in annual sales in 2022, yet 58% of all cannabis retailers are not making a profit today.

Cannabis businesses face unique challenges like lack of banking, strict compliance requirements, and complicated taxes. All of this puts dispensaries at a steep disadvantage.

On top of this, cannabis technology providers have struggled to keep up with modern consumer expectations. Today's cannabis consumers demand the same shopping experiences available in mainstream industries. They want to shop online, pay on their terms, and get fast, convenient access to safe cannabis products.

This is why I’m excited to introduce Flowhub Maui — a new cannabis retail platform built to help dispensaries grow revenue and create experiences worth celebrating.

Flowhub Maui platform

Why Maui

I founded Flowhub in 2015 to help end cannabis prohibition. After experiencing the positive benefits of cannabis as well as the frustrations of existing software solutions firsthand, Flowhub became a pathway to making cannabis more accessible, one legal transaction at a time.

Like so many have come to realize, the evolving cannabis industry has created more regulatory confusion than clarity. The original Flowhub platform was built with the assumption that new legal markets would follow Colorado’s regulatory framework. But that has not been the case. Instead, every market has taken its own unique approach.

So we built Maui from the ground up to address the dynamic needs of cannabis retailers, today and tomorrow. It comes from our collective learnings over the past eight years of listening and growing along with the industry.

The result is a fast, flexible, and easy to use solution capable of adapting to multi-state regulations and a growing diversity of retail environments.

Flowhub has been supporting cannabis retailers since the beginning and with Maui it shows. They have used their experience to make the application intuitive and easy to use, and we were blown away by how quickly Flowhub was able to have us ready for compliant cannabis retail in South Dakota. We opened our first of 11 dispensaries, and Maui makes it that much easier. Maui eliminates redundancy and streamlines the process to get cannabis to our customers/patients as fast as we can.

Kittrick Jeffries, CEO/Co-owner at Puffy’s Dispensary

Maui opens up a world of opportunity for dispensaries to customize their store setup. The highly configurable system allows businesses to easily integrate a custom tech stack on their choice of hardware, whether that’s iPads, Macs, or PCs. This level of control over all your tools, processes, and data is essential for owning a differentiated brand experience.

We named Flowhub Maui after the classic sativa strain “Maui Waui” because the platform inspires an enjoyable, fluid, relaxed state of operating a dispensary business — just like being on vacation in Hawaii.

flowhub maui

The Maui difference

What’s special about Maui is its top to bottom re-design for solving problems specific to the cannabis industry. The new, simplified system architecture means retailers can expect smooth operations, rapid product development, and unbeatable performance.

This major upgrade unifies the Flowhub platform experience, keeping the best features our customers already love and adding new features retailers need to succeed.

Based on benchmark data from live customers, the platform is more than 20x faster than Flowhub’s legacy application, allowing dispensaries to accelerate growth and increase transaction volume.

“Flowhub Maui is by far the best cannabis retail platform available. We were up and running so quickly. The team at Flowhub is fantastic, but they haven't had to support us too much because the product is intuitive and does what we need it to do. It worked with my existing hardware, so it was dead simple to go live. It took days instead of weeks to train and implement even when moving from another platform.”

Jaclyn Enlow, Head of Operations at Chesapeake Apothecary

Below are just a few of my favorite benefits of Maui – they’re the reason using this software feels like a breeze compared to other POS solutions.

  • Regulatory Agility: With the no-code app interface, Maui simplifies compliance with the vital ability to adjust regulatory settings to meet ever-changing state-by-state requirements in minutes.

  • Universal Login: Multi-state operators (MSOs) can now access all dispensary locations from one login to manage inventory, settings, reports and data across all locations and state lines — a first-of-its-kind feature for retailers.

  • Improved Inventory Workflows: Maui reduces overhead associated with track-and-trace inventory management. It has a seamless two-way Metrc integration allowing for easier batch imports and one-click discrepancy resolution. These enhancements have led to more than 40% efficiency gains on average for dispensaries, according to Flowhub data.
  • Extensible Product Catalog: Maui provides a single source of truth for all inventory items across locations with its unified product catalog. It’s effortless to add new product variants, set out-the-door pricing, and build prices based on location, customer groups and more.

  • Integrated Payments: Dispensaries on Maui may offer consumers more convenient ways to pay with a selection of compliant cashless payment solutions, including integrated Flowhub Pay and a recently announced ACH solution in partnership with Aeropay. Flowhub data shows that the average dispensary increases revenue by more than 30% on every non-cash transaction.

  • Automated Deals: Maui comes with the smartest deal maker in cannabis. Dispensaries can easily automate virtually any type of promotion with advanced rules like AND/OR logic for BOGOs and stack or override permissions.

  • Mobility: Flowhub mobile apps, including Greet® and Stash®, are compatible with Maui, as well as the Flowhub exclusive Nug Pro® mobile scanners and commonly used modern mobile hardware like iOS devices and Surface tablets, to allow for increased efficiencies and harmonious integration across the platform.

      Maui cannabis payments

      Flowhub Maui has been a valuable asset in completing transactions as effectively as possible with compliance top-of-mind, while also creating a more seamless experience for our team. Some of the most innovative facets Maui offers thus far have been accelerated speed and user-friendly design improvements to the platform. We cut training time with our shop teams in half.

      Tracy Timko, Director of Franchise Support at Unity Rd.

      Discover a new way to sell cannabis

      I’m energized to see cannabis retailers succeed with Flowhub Maui.

      What sort of pop up experiences will be created? I’d love to buy flower at my local farmer’s market.

      What cashless payment options will be offered? I’m tired of going to the ATM.

      What products will budtenders recommend? I like a diverse terpene profile.

      I’ll leave the rest to you.

      Thank you to everyone who has supported us in this journey. We are beyond stoked about the next bright chapter at Flowhub — it’s only the beginning of what’s to come.

      flowhub maui

      For those interested in seeing Maui in action, sign up today 🤙

      Kyle Headshot

      Kyle Sherman

      Founder and CEO at Flowhub

      A legalization advocate and entrepreneur, Kyle continually defines the company vision, strategy, and growth as Flowhub innovates the way cannabis retailers manage complex compliance mandates, supply chain data, sales transactions, and reporting. Kyle brings extensive cannabis industry experience to Flowhub, with previous experience working with notable brands like Dixie Elixirs, Weedmaps, and Neos Vape Pens. Kyle has been named a Top 100 Cannabis Leader by Entrepreneur Magazine, 30 AND UNDER by Business Insider, and is an Associate Producer for the documentary “Weed the People” which aims to educate mainstream audiences about medical cannabis as a human rights issue. In 2014, Kyle lobbied the Colorado Department of Revenue to build the Metrc API, which is now the standard used for cannabis tracking in most legal markets. Kyle also serves as a Founding Director for the US Cannabis Council (USCC), an organization focused on building an inclusive industry and passing federal cannabis legislation.

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      Discover a new way to sell cannabis

      Flowhub helps dispensaries run fast, smooth, and compliant business operations.