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House of Dankness is the retail front for Rare Dankness Industries, which has created some of the finest cannabis genetics in the world through years of growing, collecting, preserving, and experimenting.

House of Dankness

One of their dispensary’s most unique features is a product display in the middle of the store which allows customers to browse for new products. Those who already know what they want can go straight to the register for a quick checkout.

House of Dankness has been using Flowhub since opening in 2015. Their dispensary manager, Melissa Stewart, loves that she can call anytime with any questions and get a resolution right away.

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges for dispensaries like House of Dankness is being able to speak to real people if questions or problems arise with their point-of-sale software.

Stewart has dealt with other cannabis softwares in the past that forced her to either go through an automated system, or leave her hanging with no one there to help.

The solution

With Flowhub, Stewart can call the customer support line and immediately get a hold of a real person who is ready to help.

House of Dankness

The availability of customer support is one of the reasons House of Dankness has used Flowhub for 6 years and counting.

"With Flowhub, they’re super on top of it. Anytime I have something go wrong or have a question, there’s always customer service to back it up, which wasn’t something I was getting with any other company."

Melissa Stewart
Dispensary Manger at House of Dankness

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