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Woman-owned Blazing Jane supports clean and local cannabis in Maine

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Blazing Jane Inc. is a small town medical marijuana store in Maine that takes great pride in supporting other small businesses. They are dedicated to keeping ample room on the sales floor for locally-sourced products.

In February of 2020, owner Alyssa Angell walked into a closed-down diner and immediately knew it was the perfect spot to turn into a dreamy marijuana boutique. After the dispensary she previously worked at was sold to a large corporate cannabis company, Alyssa decided to take the chance to open her own shop.

As someone who's been a budtender, compliance manager, and dispensary manager, Alyssa knew that her extensive retail experience and passion for educating and assisting people with their natural wellness needs could be used to build a sustainable business that focused more on high quality, clean cannabis than profits.

In July of 2021, renovations were complete and Blazing Jane's doors opened for business.

Blazing Jane

The challenge

As a self-funded, woman-owned cannabis business, Blazing Jane faced an uphill battle to stay afloat. In order to succeed in cannabis, you often need a large upfront capital investment or minimal overhead costs.

Alyssa quickly realized that her store also needed a point of sale software that was compliant and tight on inventory control so she could spend more time with her patients. Reliability and ease of use were paramount for Blazing Jane’s continued success.

But a reliable POS can be expensive, especially when you’re focused on keeping costs down.

The solution

As recipients of Flowhub’s Social Equity Program, Alyssa and the Blazing Jane team don't need to worry about their point of sale software while they get their business off the ground.

“Flowhub has been amazing and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a recipient of the social equity program. Being a very small, self-funded, woman-owned business, this is a huge gift and will help me be successful! I am already seeing the difference in having a reliable POS system.”

Alyssa Angell
Owner of Blazing Jane

Alyssa Angell

Now Alyssa gets to focus all of her time and attention on her patients. “My transactions are a lot smoother,” says Alyssa. “At times I can become busy and the ease of the transaction is so important. Checking in patients, even when they’re new, is a breeze!”

Thank you for sharing your story, Alyssa! We look forward to watching your dispensary succeed in Maine.

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