Fast, easy and reliable point-of-sale software for cannabis retailers

Speed checkouts, boost revenue, and deliver the best customer experience — all while staying fully compliant.

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Create superior retail experiences for maximum cash flow

Cashier delivers an enhanced cannabis point-of-sale experience for completing consumer transactions
that can run on Mac, PC, desktop, tablet and iPads.

Stable and fast transactions

With 99% system uptime, Flowhub removes the risk of sales lost due to outages and slow performance. Built on the latest cloud architecture with real-time data reactiveness, you’ll experience efficient checkouts and get your confidence back.

Choose your own hardware

Cashier is a dedicated application that is hardware friendly, meaning you can run it on any point-of-sale terminal of choice — whether it be Mac, Windows, or iOS!

Minimal training required

Flowhub's user-friendly interface has been optimized to be as intuitive and easy to learn as possible, allowing you to train staff quickly and save on new employee onboarding costs.

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Unleash your sales associates

The ability to run Cashier on tablets and iPads means dispensary staff is no longer tied behind a counter. Being untethered from a station provides more flexibility and opportunity to interact with customers throughout the store.

Past purchase history and notes

Empower your team to provide exceptional service with consumer information, notes and previous purchase history at a glance. Enable more personalized experiences, smarter conversations, and stronger relationships.

Built-in loyalty program

Keep your customers coming back by checking loyalty eligibility right from the queue. Easily see how many points they’ve earned and redeem partial points for rewards. If a customer isn’t an existing participant, you can add them right away.

Online order ahead fulfillment

When a consumer places an order online for in-store pick up using live menu partner services like Dutchie or Jane, you can manage the Order Ahead queue and process fulfillment directly in Flowhub.

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Auto-apply Deals

Increase revenue with automatic cart discounts powered by Deals. Because cross-store promotions are controlled at the corporate level, you never have to worry about manual or over discounting again. Just set it and forget it.

Built-in purchase limits

Flowhub displays a visual cannabis meter that automatically prevents sales from exceeding state transaction limits. You'll never oversell cannabis again.

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Anonymous guest sale

For markets like Oregon that do not require a check in process, you can simply start a new sale to check out customers anonymously without collecting any data.

Security safeguards

Because Cashier is separated from your back-of-house settings and data, store staff can only access the essential functionality and information they need to perform a successful transaction.

Easy scale and expansion

Flowhub is built to grow along with your business whether that’s adding new terminals to your existing store or opening new locations. Your success is our success.

Connect all your data and apps

Easily integrate Flowhub with over 50 technology integration partners. Drive dispensary performance with online ordering, digital menus, analytics, payment processing and more!

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