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What is Tech Vaca?

Tech Vaca’s mission is catalyzing new efficiencies for cannabis operators through automation and superior integration between cannabis software vendors. Expert process automation, integration development, and data analytics for exponential business growth in the cannabis industry.

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What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is the leading cannabis retail software company that helps modern dispensaries thrive by delivering compliance, point of sale, inventory tracking, and business intelligence data from a single, highly-customizable platform.

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Tech Vaca and Flowhub are better together.

  • Technology optimization

    Convenient one-stop-shop for technology optimization offering industry-leading solutions built on top platforms and efficient reporting capabilities.

  • Automation and integration

    Automation and integration capabilities that work with ANY application.

  • Data confidence and compliance

    Secure data confidence and compliance by eliminating manual, error-prone transactions and processes from critical business operations.

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