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What is Standard Insights?

Standard Insights is a data-driven marketing platform. We leverage your Flowhub data to help you target the right person with the right product at the right time to help your dispensary drive repeat business using AI.

Standard Insights

What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is the most flexible cannabis retail platform available. It automates compliance, creates delightful customer experiences, and makes every day in your dispensary feel like a breeze. We built an all-new platform experience called Maui from scratch based on 8 years of learning and growing along with the cannabis industry.

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Standard Insights and Flowhub are better together.

  • Predict customer purchases

    Execute data-driven omnichannel campaigns that improve sales, increase average order value, and reduce customer churn using personalized recommendations.

  • Increase sales

    Go beyond descriptive analytics to better manage inventory levels to drive bottom-line growth.

  • Drive profitability

    We find patterns by looking at recency, frequency of visits, and how much a particular customer has spent to accurately measure customer loyalty, allowing you to send highly targeted promotions and offers.

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You're in good hands

With Flowhub at the heart of your dispensary, every day feels like a breeze.