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What is Seed?

Seed is an in-store application that gives dispensaries the power to connect customers to products they'll love. Seed runs on any and all customer-facing screens, increasing retail profits for dispensary owners looking to grow their business.

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What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is the most flexible cannabis retail platform available. It automates compliance, creates delightful customer experiences, and makes every day in your dispensary feel like a breeze. We built an all-new platform experience called Maui from scratch based on 8 years of learning and growing along with the cannabis industry.

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Seed and Flowhub are better together.

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  • Enable self-service in your store

    Let customers learn, browse, and buy on their own. Orders go directly into Flowhub for easy fulfillment.

  • Connect customers to products they’ll love

    Guarantee your customers a positive experience while increasing basket size by suggesting products.

  • Sync in-store menus automatically

    In-store menus all across your dispensary are updated automatically as inventory changes in Flowhub.

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With Flowhub at the heart of your dispensary, every day feels like a breeze.