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What is EyeRate?

EyeRate is a customer communication platform that turns feedback into powerful online marketing by incentivizing employees. EyeRate partners with leading dispensaries and offers them best in class engagement tools.

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What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is the modern cannabis retail management platform for dispensaries. Whether you're running a single store or multiple locations, Flowhub provides compliance, point of sale, inventory management, mobile solutions and data to help you succeed.

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Flowhub Eyerate integration
  • Employee incentives

    The only employee marketing platform that incentivizes your team with $ when they get mentioned on popular review and social media websites. The end result is improved team productivity and happier customers.

  • Automated feedback

    Integrating with Flowhub means you can receive customer feedback in real-time which leads to improved retention.

  • Review generation

    Best in class engagement rates on the websites that matter to you. This allows your business to be found first in the market you operate in, helping customers choose you over competitors.

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