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What is Biotrack?

BioTrack allows regulatory agencies to view every gram of legal cannabis throughout the production life cycle. The traceability system has passed a SAS No. 70 audit (now SSAE 16) to certify the System’s compliance with strict standards for cannabis track and trace across the entire supply chain.

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What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is the dispensary growth platform for high-performing cannabis retailers. Fast, reliable, and easy to use, Flowhub helps dispensaries stay compliant, automate operations, and sell more cannabis.

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Biotrack and Flowhub are better together.

  • Automate sales reporting

    Push sales reports to BioTrack daily or in real time depending on your state regulatory requirements.

  • Audit and reconcile inventory

    Quickly fix cannabis product inventory discrepancies with full transparency and control directly within the point of sale.

  • Import packages

    Use a simple workflow to receive transfers via api and import them as inventory with pre-populated data from BioTrack.

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