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What is Barcodes?

In partnership with Flowhub, Barcodes has developed a custom array of hardware approved to work with the Flowhub platform and is flexible to various workflow needs. Barcodes also offers phone and email IT service packages at competitive prices exclusively for Flowhub dispensary partners.

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What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is the most flexible cannabis retail platform available. It automates compliance, creates delightful customer experiences, and makes every day in your dispensary feel like a breeze. We built an all-new platform experience called Maui from scratch based on 8 years of learning and growing along with the cannabis industry.

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Barcodes and Flowhub are better together.

  • Your one-stop hardware shop

    From POS tablets to hardwired terminals, purchase curated hardware kits compatible with Flowhub directly from Barcodes.

  • Hardware installation

    Barcodes will help you install, configure, and test your hardware to ensure a smooth go-live with Flowhub.

  • Ongoing IT support

    Trust Barcodes for unlimited technical expertise by phone and email when you purchase an annual IT support subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the answers about Barcodes hardware and IT support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the answers about Barcodes hardware and IT support services.

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Where can I order Flowhub hardware?

See a full selection of Flowhub compatible hardware on Barcodes' website, including Nug Pro® mobile devices which must be purchased directly from Barcodes.

How do I contact Barcodes?

Barcodes hardware support is available weekdays 8 am - 5 pm Central Time.

To contact Barcodes you can email at or call (877) 684-6532.

How long does my hardware take to ship?

Most hardware ships for free in 2-5 business days, however, expedited shipping is available at an additional cost.

How do I return hardware?

A return can be requested through the Barcodes Partner Portal, or by contacting your dedicated Barcodes Account Executive, Mike Bove, directly at, (312) 582-4842.

What happens if my hardware breaks?

A 1-3 year warranty is included with all Barcodes hardware, depending on the product. Hardware sourced through Barcodes include a 3 year, comprehensive support contract. Contact the Barcodes support team to initiate a return merchandise authorization (RMA) with the prospective manufacturer. If the hardware is not under a support contract, the Barcodes team has internal repair and/or replacement options.

What kind of financing or leasing options does Barcodes offer?

Barcodes offers 1-3 year financing terms with a $1 buyout at the end of the term. You can also choose to lease hardware instead of purchasing it outright. DAAS or Device as a Service provides the hardware you need to run your business, including full support and installation services, all for a low-cost monthly payment.

What if the hardware I want/have isn’t on the provided list of compatible hardware?

Flowhub works with most Windows and Apple products. Flowhub is not compatible with Android devices. If you have a Windows or Apple device, or any device (excluding Android) not listed on this page, reach out to the Flowhub support team at to assess compatibility. For more information on minimum system requirements to run Flowhub, click here.

If I didn't buy my hardware from Barcodes, can I still get Barcodes IT support services?

Yes! As a Flowhub customer, you are eligible to receive unlimited IT support from Barcodes with an annual subscription. This is a great option if you're in need of expert IT support, but don't have a full-time employee on staff.

Will the Barcodes team help me set up my hardware?

Yes, with the purchase of an annual IT support contract, the Barcodes team will help you set up, maintain, and troubleshoot your hardware. Contact the Barcodes support line for Flowhub customers at (877) 684-6532 or email for help setting up your hardware.

What are Barcodes' IT support hours?

The Barcodes IT support team is available via phone or email from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. Contact the Barcodes support line for Flowhub customers at (877) 684-6532 or by email at

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