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Oklahoma has surpassed all growth expectations after the medical-use cannabis legalization in 2018. But with growth comes greater competition for dispensary owners.

Flowhub was founded in 2015 to make safe, legal cannabis accessible to every adult on Earth. We work with hundreds of Oklahoma dispensaries to help them create compliant, modern, and most importantly, profitable stores.

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About the Oklahoma market

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Oklahoma medical marijuana was legalized in 2018.


Recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Oklahoma.

Stand apart from the competition in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma cannabis industry is unique. It’s easier and more affordable to obtain a marijuana dispensary license than in other states, and the laws around obtaining a medical marijuana card are more flexible.

To have a successful marijuana business in Oklahoma, you need to stand out from the thousands of other stores. Flowhub can help you grow from a basic marijuana store to a modern retailer that will satisfy patients and keep them returning regularly.

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Increase revenue

Mobile dispensary POS software helps you attract and retain patients, increasing your bottom line. Create effective specials, manage staff, build loyalty, and increase average order size up to 40% by accepting debit cards through cashless ATM.

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Reduce cost of operations

There’s lots of competition in Oklahoma, and no room for waste. For maximum operational efficiency, use Stash and Greet along with the mobile Nug scanner to streamline inventory tracking and check in. Automate tasks to reduce manual effort by up to 90%.

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Manage risk & compliance

We understand that remaining compliant with OMMA can be frustrating, but Flowhub makes it easy. Reports are built into our software so you can automate monthly reporting, reduce human error, and update OMMA without constant data entry.

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Modernize experiences

Shopping for cannabis is now like any retail experience. Patients expect quick check in and check out, helpful budtenders, accurate inventory, online ordering, and modern payment options. Your dispensary software must be able to power these services.

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Scale & expand operations

When you’re ready to expand, Flowhub's multi-location capabilities allow you to standardize a global product catalog, easily transfer inventory, automate specials at a corporate level and set specific prices across all your stores.

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Connect data & apps

Save time and make data-driven decisions with our API integrations. Connect to a vast ecosystem of best-in-class partners to help automate analytics, loyalty programs, digital signage, payments, online menus, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Oklahoma dispensary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Oklahoma dispensary questions.

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How do I remain compliant with OMMA?

In order to remain compliant, Oklahoma dispensaries must accurately report to the OMMA for each monthly period. By following the steps in Flowhub's OMMA Monthly Reporting Guide, you should experience a more efficient method of obtaining the required information before navigating to the OMMA portal.

How is cannabis taxed in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma imposes a 7% excise tax on cannabis sales in addition to state and local tax. To learn more about Oklahoma cannabis taxes, visit their state website.

What are Oklahoma’s marijuana laws and purchase limits for cannabis products?

The regulatory body for Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry is the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). OMMA also oversees the state's tracking and reporting. Only medical marijuana is legal in the state. Patients are allowed to have up to 3 ounces of marijuana on their person and up to 8 ounces in their residence. Alternatively, they can have one ounce of marijuana concentrates or 72 ounces of edibles concentrates.

How can I process payments at my Oklahoma cannabis dispensary?

Flowhub’s partnership with Greencheck will help you find a bank that can work with your store. We know that banking can be an issue for many dispensaries, so we have made it easy to find payment solutions. Once you have found a bank to work with, you will be able to accept PIN-based debit cards (through cashless ATM), make direct bank deposits, and increase cart size and sales without risking OMMA compliance.

Can I easily add new dispensary locations to my Flowhub account?

We make it easy for you to expand with Flowhub’s POS system. If you are already using our software, then you can quickly add and onboard stores to your account. We built Flowhub so dispensary owners and managers can make both company management and location-level updates. This includes moving inventory between your stores, seeing reports at either the company level or location level, and remaining compliant with OMMA.

Why Flowhub?

We serve Oklahoma’s boutique single-store operations and help you grow to multi-location powerhouses.

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99.9% uptime

Our secure technology is hosted on Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform

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365-day support

Our dispensary support team has a 95% call answer rate and a commitment to your success

flowhub cannabis innovation

1,000+ locations

Thousands of medical and adult-use dispensary locations trust Flowhub to power their business

flowhub cannabis payment processing

$3B+ annual sales

Flowhub reliably processes over $3 Billion in cannabis sales annually across the United States


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