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Flowhub provides compliant point of sale, payments, and more!

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Flowhub Missouri

As adult-use sales ramp up in Missouri, you'll see more customers, new shopping patterns, and increased competition.

Flowhub was founded in 2015. We were the first to integrate with Metrc (Missouri's track and trace program) and are proud to support the state's newly legal adult-use dispensaries with industry-leading cannabis retail software.

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About the Missouri market


Missouri medical marijuana was legalized in 2018.


Missouri recreational marijuana was legalized in 2022.

Give your Missouri customers your best

Your point of sale software is an important consideration for Missouri dispensaries serving medical and adult-use consumers.

Our comprehensive software will help you get your cannabis business operational and thriving faster than any other point-of-sale system. From opening day to expansion, our software was designed to make your dispensary more efficient and effective.

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Increase revenue

Impress your customers with speedy, contactless check in and check out. Implement online order fulfillment for higher order volume and card payments for higher sales.

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Reduce cost of operations

Reduce costs associated with inventory management by 40% with one-click discrepancy resolution, 2-way Metrc integration and the mobile Stash app.

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Manage risk & compliance

Easily manage package imports, eliminate data redundancies, and automatically report sales with Flowhub's native Metrc integration.

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Modernize experiences

Give your budtenders modern tools like the Greet® app which displays customer purchase history and order notes when you scan an ID. You can also level up your shop with the handheld Nug scanner.

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Scale & expand operations

Centralize your product information and maintain consistent naming conventions with the global product catalog. Plus, easily adopt existing back-of-house settings for new store expansion.

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Connect data & apps

Flowhub's open API means you can seamlessly integrate with the best solution for every aspect of cannabis retail, spanning ecommerce, ERP, data analytics, CRM and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Missouri dispensary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Missouri dispensary questions.

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Does Flowhub offer a Social Equity Program for Missouri dispensaries?

Yes! Flowhub's Social Equity Program is available in every market we serve, including Missouri. We have provided over $5M in free software to support underrepresented dispensary owners. Once approved, qualifying retailers receive Flowhub's biggest price discount available.

Apply here 👉

Can I process card payments with Flowhub?

Yes, Flowhub Pay is a fully integrated payment solution for cannabis dispensaries across the country, including those in Missouri. Flowhub Pay is better than most payment solutions available because it's seamlessly connected to Flowhub point of sale, meaning totals and change calculations are auto-populated so there is no manual entry or mental math required by budtenders. Customers on Flowhub Pay experience a 33% increase in revenue on average and are saving thousands of dollars on shrinkage per month.

We can get you set up in days. There are no long term contracts or monthly fees, and we’re happy to give you a rebate on every transaction.

Book your Flowhub Pay consultation to learn more.

If I have a question about Flowhub products, how long will it take to get help?

Customer support is a top priority for us. Current customers often tell us that our support is unmatched in the industry and we take that honor very seriously. For quick answers, customers have access to our self-serve Help Hub, with step-by-step instructions for many common questions, like running reports, logging in, updating passwords, adding employees, managing drawers, and much more!

Can Flowhub do real-time Metrc reporting?

Yes! We have meticulously reviewed all Missouri cannabis laws and developed our products to be 100% compliant. This includes real-time sales reporting and check in integrated with Metrc.

This also includes Missouri's unique label requirements, seed sales to patients "authorized to cultivate," and accepting payment for delivery orders.

What are Missouri's adult-use marijuana laws for dispensaries?

The key regulatory changes that dispensaries must note when switching from a medical license to a comprehensive facility are:

  • Adult-use purchase limits are 3 ounces per transaction.
  • Adult-use purchases will be taxed at 6% in addition to any local taxes.
  • Recreational licenses will be the same as medical licenses.
  • Medical and recreational customers will be able to purchase the same inventory.
  • Consumers will be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID when purchasing adult-use cannabis products at a dispensary.
  • Current employees under the age of 21 may continue working at any licensed cannabis facility, but after February 3, 2023, all new facility agents must be 21 or older.

How is cannabis taxed in Missouri?

Adult-use cannabis purchases in Missouri will be taxed at 6% in addition to any local taxes.

What integrations does Flowhub support?

Our biggest integration partner is Metrc. Flowhub was the first dispensary software integrator after our CEO, Kyle Sherman, took his experience as a dispensary compliance officer and made the integration a reality, saving hours every day.

We also integrate with a variety of cannabis software platforms to help your stores with payments, delivery, online ordering, loyalty programs, in-store signage, self-serve kiosks, and much more.

Can I easily add new dispensary locations to my Flowhub account if I want to expand in the future?

We make dispensary expansion easy with Flowhub. If you’re already using our software, then you can quickly add and onboard stores to your account. We built Flowhub with both company management and location-level views so owners and managers can make updates broadly or just for specific stores. This includes moving inventory between rooms or stores, seeing reports at either the company level or location level, and operating off of one global product catalog.

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Missouri, ready to get started?

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