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Flowhub empowers dispensary owners to feel confident in their expansion goals.

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Why Flowhub for dispensary growth and expansion?

Whether you’re looking to open additional dispensary locations, or expand within your current space, Flowhub gives you the tools to manage your growing cannabis business like a pro.

Multi Location Management

Multi-location management

Manage, a cloud-based application within Flowhub, was built to easily toggle between location-based views and company-wide views, meaning you have the visibility you need to make data-driven business decisions. No other retail cannabis platform allows you to manage multiple locations like Flowhub.

Set up a global product catalog to standardize data across locations, manage price profiles, suppliers, strains, par levels and employee permissions. Create company-wide specials and transfer inventory between stores all from one easy-to-use platform.

Adding a location to Flowhub was extremely easy. We have a company management section where all of our products live so we aren’t having to recreate those products multiple times, which was a great time saver.

Aaron elston Aaron Elston, VP of Retail at Oregrown

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Mobile analytics

View™ is the mobile analytics app that allows you to keep track of store performance through real-time dashboards from your smartphone.

As you expand, it's impossible to be in every store at once. With View, you can monitor performance for multiple locations and make data-driven decisions from anywhere.

I love the fact that anywhere I am I can see how my stores are doing. I can also see how my associates are performing and what they are selling.

Marla wald headshot Marla Wald, Regional Chapter Director at Common Citizen

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Inventory distribution and store transfers

For one dispensary or twenty, Flowhub ensures your inventory is always compliant and streamlined. Save time on auditing and inventory management with Stash®, a mobile app compatible with Flowhub’s exclusive Nug scanner device.

Batch scan package tags and SKUs, maximize efficiency by establishing a central distribution hub for your supply chain, and easily transfer inventory from one store to another with a few taps.

We sent a store 108 packages. That's a lot of stuff. Being able to scan and transfer takes 5 minutes. An order like that would have taken me an hour without Stash. It just makes the whole process easier. There's no interruptions, everything is seamless.

Sam-gyongyosi Sam Gyongyosi, Inventory Manager at Green Dragon

Manage Reporting

Executive Reporting

Centralize reporting with Manage, a cloud-based application within Flowhub’s cannabis retail platform that makes it easy to oversee all back-of-house operations.

Feel confident expanding to new locations because of centralized data insights, visibility, and control. Track performance trends at single locations or company-wide in real time with visual dashboards or generate custom reports to answer your burning business questions.

With Flowhub, it was very easy for me to overlook all of the stores and grow at the same time. It is actually one of the biggest reasons we were able to expand and go into other areas.

Lavia headshot Lavia Yousif, COO at House of Dank

Why Flowhub?

flowhub security

99.9% uptime

Our secure technology is hosted on Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platformflw

flowhub support

365-day support

Our dispensary support team has a 95% call answer rate and a commitment to your success

flowhub cannabis innovation

1,000+ locations

Thousands of medical and adult-use dispensary locations trust Flowhub to power their business

flowhub cannabis payment processing

$3B+ annual sales

Flowhub reliably processes over $3 Billion in cannabis sales annually across the United States

Integrate all your cannabis tools

Drive dispensary expansion by integrating Flowhub with over 30 technology partners, including online ordering, digital menus, loyalty programs, data analytics, and more!

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Are you ready to expand your cannabis business?

Enter the flow state with Flowhub for multi-location management, inventory transfers, and data visibility from your smartphone.

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