Michigan Cannabis Dispensary POS software to empower retailers

Flowhub dispensary point of sale, inventory management, and mobile solutions help streamline your cannabis business.

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Flowhub Michigan

Michigan is home to one of the strongest cannabis industries in the country. The state legalized medical marijuana use in 2008 and the addition of adult-use has accelerated cannabis retail growth.

Flowhub was founded to make safe, legal cannabis accessible to every adult on Earth. We work with over 100 Michigan provisioning centers and dispensaries. Our solutions work hard for your stores every day so you can focus on the big picture.

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About the Michigan market


Michigan medical marijuana was legalized in 2008.


Michigan recreational use was legalized in 2018.

Become a profitable Michigan dispensary

Michigan has a deep history in cannabis as a caregiver state, but with legal recreational cannabis, there’s a new market for Michigan cannabis businesses to offer education and outstanding customer services to everyone 21 and over.

As local governments ease recreational restrictions, products are moving off the shelves rapidly. The goal for your cannabis business now is to meet demand, remain competitive, and build a plan for long-term success.

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Increase revenue

Local restrictions make recreational sales difficult, but the open stores are doing very well. Flowhub cannabis point of sale takes your store to the next level, streamlining check in, enabling effective Deals, comprehensive dispensary management, and customer retention.

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Reduce cost of operations

Dispensary operations are a breeze with Fowhub Maui! Our Stash® app and Greet® app allow you to automate and streamline check in, inventory management, and auditing, resulting in a 90% reduction in manual tasks that saves hours every day.

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Manage risk & compliance

Dispensary compliance is a priority. We were the first Metrc integrator and have robust reporting capabilities that ensure you never have problems with inventory, proper unit labeling, or anything that caused issues in the past.

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Modernize experiences

With legalization comes modern stores that weave technology into the customer experience. Our tech ecosystem delights customers with contactless check in, online ordering, loyalty programs, integrated dispensary payments, and mobile shopping carts.

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Scale & expand operations

With growth comes expansion, either from one store to many or increasing single-store revenue. Our back-of-house software solutions, including the mobile View app, helps you manage your sales and employee data in real-time from your smartphone.

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Connect data & apps

To be more efficient and reduce human error, look to automate manual tasks and create a seamless experience for customers. Our cannabis partner integrations with industry leaders, like Weedmaps and Dutchie, will make your store more competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Michigan dispensary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Michigan dispensary questions.

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Does Flowhub offer a Social Equity Program for Michigan dispensaries?

Yes! Flowhub's Social Equity Program is available in every market we serve, including Michigan. We have provided over $5M in free software to support underrepresented dispensary owners. Once approved, qualifying retailers receive Flowhub's biggest price discount available.

Apply here 👉

Can I process card payments with Flowhub?

Yes, Flowhub Pay is a fully integrated payment solution for cannabis dispensaries across the country, including those in Michigan. Flowhub Pay is better than most payment solutions available because it's seamlessly connected to Flowhub point of sale, meaning totals and change calculations are auto-populated so there is no manual entry or mental math required by budtenders. Customers on Flowhub Pay experience a 33% increase in revenue on average and are saving thousands of dollars on shrinkage per month.

We can get you set up in days. There are no long term contracts or monthly fees, and we’re happy to give you a rebate on every transaction.

Book your Flowhub Pay consultation to learn more.

If I have a customer support question, how long will it take to get help?

Customer support is a top priority for us. Our customers consistently tell us that our support team is a primary differentiator. There are no automated tellers to weave through, or online tickets to create, all while hoping you get a response soon enough to make the sale. We also have a robust self-service Help Hub to find quick answers to common questions.

What POS system can Michigan dispensaries use?

Michigan cannabis dispensaries need a point of sale system that is compliant with both state laws and Metrc's track and track system. If a POS system isn't designed to handle these unique requirements, dispensaries risk being out of compliance, which can lead to fines and even license suspension.

Flowhub Maui is a built-for-cannabis POS and dispensary management platform that works with a large percentage of Michigan's dispensaries, like The Fire Station. Maui simplifies dispensary workflows like inventory management with features like our in-app Metrc Discrepancy Management.

Learn more about Flowhub Maui.

Can I easily add new cannabis dispensary locations to my Flowhub account?

We make it easy for you to expand with Flowhub. If you are already using our cannabis POS system, you can quickly add and onboard stores to your account. We built Flowhub so dispensary owners and managers can make company-wide, as well as location-specific, updates simply and easily. This includes workflows like moving inventory between rooms, simplifying auditing, standardizing Deals, and managing employee permissions.

How is cannabis taxed in Michigan?

Michigan imposes a 10% excise tax on cannabis sales in addition to a 6% sales tax. To learn more about Michigan cannabis taxes, visit their state website.

What are Michigan’s marijuana laws and purchase limits?

Michigan’s regulatory body is the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) and its tracking system is Metrc. Recreational and medical patients are allowed up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana in their possession, including up to 15 grams of concentrates. Michiganders are also allowed to cultivate up to 12 plants.

What integrations does Flowhub support?

Our most important integration is to Michigan Metrc. We were the first cannabis software company to integrate after our CEO, Kyle Sherman, worked as a compliance officer and saw first-hand the challenge of manually reporting to Metrc every day. We also have a vast number of other API-integrated cannabis partners to help your stores with online ordering/ecommerce, payments, delivery services, in-store displays, and much more. Watch as House of Dank shares how the Flowhub and Weedmaps integration saves countless hours per day.

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Michigan, are you read to enter the flow state?

Book a demo to see how Flowhub can save you time, money, and headaches.