Point of sale and inventory management for successful
Colorado dispensaries

Flowhub is the leading cannabis retail management platform.

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Overcome Colorado dispensary challenges

As the pioneer in legal adult-use cannabis, Colorado leads the market in innovation, competition, and regulation. Founded in Denver, Flowhub serves Colorado’s boutique high-alpine operations just as easily as it does the multi-location enterprises dominating the Front Range.

Automatically report to Metrc, Colorado’s cannabis track and trace system

Be compliant with Metrc with a system that imports packages, sends track and trace data with the click of a button, and prevents discrepancies to avoid fines. As the original Metrc integrator, we’re Metrc ready and have Metrc support for Colorado.

Manage your inventory on-the-go

Reconcile inventory between your back and front of house, or within your distribution facility, using the Nug mobile scanner and the Stash App™. Only Flowhub utilizes a custom-built mobile solution that allows you to easily reconcile your inventory with what’s in Metrc and reduce time spent on operations by 90%.

Grow and expand your dispensary on one platform

Whether you're in Denver, Boulder, Aspen or any city in between, you can manage permissions, pricing, and tax calculations at a corporate level for each location you add. Flowhub will enable compliance, data standardization and detailed records as you grow, and provide custom reports and dashboards.

Prevent looping and other criminal activities

Safeguard your dispensaries from shrinkage and looping schemes with granular employee permissions, built-in purchase limits to prevent selling over one ounce of marijuana, a fast ID scanner to verify age and authenticity, and detailed records of every activity.

Meet the leading cannabis retail platform

Manage your entire cannabis operation from front to back with mission-critical tools for compliance, point of sale, inventory management, and API connectivity.

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Why Flowhub?

  • flowhub security

    99.9% uptime

    Secure technology hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform

  • flowhub cannabis payment processing

    $1B+ sales

    Reliably processing $1B+ in cannabis sales annually

  • flowhub cannabis innovation

    1st place

    1st Metrc integration partner and 1st to market cannabis retail mobile solutions

  • flowhub support

    365-day support

    Our customer support team has a 95% call answer rate and is available every day of the year

Our Colorado customers Flowhub

As a manager Flowhub has saved me at least 20 hours per week in work. It really did save a lot of time, and it allowed me to focus on other things in the company that we needed to do, such as growth and community efforts. It allows me to get out and be involved with the community face-to-face.

Stash is a godsend! It has changed our workflows dramatically and saves us 2-3 hours per day on inventory management.

It's very data driven. So anyone that likes to look at data, Flowhub is integrated as much as possible for that. [It] allows us to be compliant, not have to worry, everything is taken care of in inventory. It's point and click. Super easy to use. I recommend it for every other dispensary. I would say our success as a company and our growth is partially due to Flowhub. It allows us to maximize everything we do here with a really neatly rolled point of sale and inventory tracking system all in one.

Flowhub’s supreme software and support team has been a pivotal partner for us, which we’ve grown with for over three years. Their platform has been a crucial component to the success we have achieved throughout our retail operations. Flowhub has a robust inventory management system, which tracks and records all activities, and ensures that we remain 100% compliant at all times.

What would have taken me 45-60 minutes just to transfer data through Flowhub, now takes 5 minutes with the Flowhub Stash App, which is insane! It made it so we can spend our time on other aspects of our inventory, whether it be looking at non-regulated products and where we’re going to send them or testing new products so we’re keeping our store inventory fresh and diverse.

Roots Rx has 6 locations based in the mountain communities of Aspen, Basalt, Eagle-Vail, Edwards, Gunnison and Leadville, where tourism is everything all year! Flowhub provides tracking "codes" that allow us to identify patterns in our promotions giving us a clearer picture of our sales. Gaining insight into when product sells is a valuable tool that Flowhub offers us, on top of being our point-of-sale and employee time clock. The customer service provided by Flowhub is helpful and they continue to evolve the program in a positive way.


Colorado, are you ready to enter the flow state?

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