Introducing View: The Mobile App for Monitoring Dispensary Performance on the Go

Flowhub view mobile app

The world is mobile. We are used to checking email, catching up on social media, managing finances, ordering dinner, and doing just about everything in our lives through our mobile devices. Running your cannabis dispensary should be no different.

That’s why we’re excited to launch View®, a mobile app that allows dispensary owners and managers to monitor store performance and make data-driven business decisions from anywhere.

Flowhub View - how the dispensary reporting mobile app works

What is the View app?

View allows you to view your dispensary’s Flowhub data through real-time dashboards, built into a mobile application for your personal iOS or Android phone.

The easy-to-read visualizations of your stores’ performance means you can scroll, scan, and scrutinize quickly from anywhere in the world. And making data easily accessible by all stakeholders ensures that successes are celebrated, shortcomings are analyzed, and ideas are generated.

Let’s face it, as a busy owner or manager, you’re not in the store at all hours. You need to be able to check in on performance, staffing, wait times, sales, and budtender performance at a moment’s notice. No more calling the store, texting your staff, or having to log into your laptop to get the information you need.

As you expand and grow, maybe to multiple locations, having data at your fingertips is a game changer.

I look at it probably 50 times a day. I love the fact that I can look at where my sales are and I can look at today, I can look at a week, I can look at the month. I can see how many people are in the queue. And I can see my average sales and I can see what my dollar is in at that very moment.

— Marla Wald, Retail Chapter Director at Common Citizen

How it works

View is a mobile application that syncs to your Flowhub account in real time, so you can access your most important data from the palm of your hand. You can download View on your personal smartphone from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The first iteration of View includes data visualizations and easy access to the key performance indicators you care about most: sales, employees, and inventory.

View data insights

  • Sales data: Total sales, sales by product category, average order size, and number of transactions.
  • Employee data: Top-selling budtenders by day, week, or month.
  • Inventory data: Inventory discrepancies, most popular products, and most popular products by vendor.

For owners and executives, View gives you a big picture look at revenue and business health, including sales across stores and sales compared to previous periods.

For general managers, compliance officers, inventory managers, and shift leads, View gives more granular information to make operational decisions. For example, the number of customers in a store, the demographics of those customers, the average wait time, what products are selling, budtender performance, inventory discrepancies by room, and how much of a specific product type was sold last week.

Watch as Marla Wald, Regional Chapter Director of Common Citizen (MI), describes how View has impacted her business:

I like knowledge, it's powerful because once you can see that data, you realize that Flowhub is the service you want.

— Marla Wald, Retail Chapter Director at Common Citizen

View features

  • Multi-store filters - whether you have one store or many, you can quickly toggle between all the locations within your Flowhub instance.
  • Upward/downward trends - instead of just seeing the numbers, you can see whether this is an increase or decrease compared to the previous period.
  • Date filters - toggle between Today, This week, or This month to see the exact data you’re looking for.
  • User-generated feedback loop - immediately tell us what you love about the app, or if something isn’t working as expected. Feedback loops means the product is always up to your expectations and future enhancements will include the functionality you need to run a successful dispensary.
  • Follow - “star” a card to follow that data point, then simply select “Following” in the bottom navigation of the app to always see the data that's most important to you.
  • Share - quickly share data points with others in your organization from within the app.
A dispensary manager monitors cannabis retail store performance from a mobile app

Learn more

If you’re currently a Flowhub customer and would like to get started with View, contact us at or call (844) FLOWHUB.

If you’re interested in learning more about View and how the entire Flowhub cannabis retail platform works seamlessly to empower modern dispensary owners and managers, schedule a demo.

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Darrien Horn

Mobile Product Manager at Flowhub

Darrien is a Product Manager at Flowhub, where he works with the R&D team to bridge the gap between cannabis and mobile technology. Darrien joined the Flowhub team in 2019, bringing with him a passion for innovation and a desire to solve the challenges faced by cannabis retailers and consumers alike.