What causes inventory discrepancies?

Discrepancies can come from any number of everyday situations. Here are 6 common dispensary scenarios so you can prevent them.

Scenario 1

Misplacing an item a customer didn't buy

Example: When a customer looks at an eighth, but the flower does not get returned to the proper spot

Scenario 2

Double scanning items at checkout

Example: When an item is scanned twice even though two items from two different packages have been sold

Scenario 3

420 and other busy days

Example: When lines are long on high volume days, customers take priority over keeping inventory accurate

Scenario 4

Selling the wrong version or flavor of a product

Example: When a peach-flavored gummy is added to the cart, but the customer actually purchased watermelon

Scenario 5

Not accounting for spoiled, expired or dropped products

Example: When a rogue nug falls from the scale to the floor, but it is not counted as waste in Flowhub

Scenario 6

Improperly processed return

Example: When a returned cartridge is added back into inventory instead of being wasted


Mistakes happen. Inventory counts will be off. How prepared are you to troubleshoot discrepancies?

Implementing a regular inventory auditing process along with Flowhub’s mobile Stash App™ will help you identify discrepancies and expedite resolutions.

Try Stash today for the flexibility, accuracy, and confidence necessary to keep your inventory in sync with Metrc.

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