Sweet deal for Alaska! Cannabis POS for $200/month

Now's your chance to lock in premium dispensary software for a fraction of the price. Offer expires 3/31/2021.

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Get 50% off Flowhub, your new POS for the new year

The loss of tourist season hit Alaska hard. So we’ve slashed prices by 50% to help you succeed in 2021.

Flowhub is well-regarded in the cannabis industry as a reliable compliance partner. You’ll see improvements across all workflows, from customer check in to inventory management to Metrc reporting and much more.

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Easy online ordering

Increase sales by giving customers the option to place orders online for in-store pickup. Seamlessly integrate online menus and manage order fulfillment.

Deep Metrc expertise

As the original Metrc integration partner, trust Flowhub to stay compliant with AMCO and the Medical Marijuana Registry. Import packages, fix discrepancies and report sales.

Auto-apply specials

Manage specials from a global specials engine and reduce risk with auto-apply in cart. Offer daily deals, BOGOs, first-timer promos and more! Everyone loves a deal!

Live support – every day

Get the technical support you need every day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. No more lost sales due to downtime.

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Flowhub isn't just software, we're a family.

76% of Flowhub customers are single-location, family, or community-operated dispensaries. No matter the size of the business, our customers come first. We're deeply committed to your success, especially in times of adversity.

Our customers Flowhub

“I like interacting with the Flowhub support team. I know I can count on Flowhub support to brighten my day!”

"I have worked with other POS systems and I feel Flowhub is the best. Not just because of the stellar programming, but, because of you guys. Thank you for your professionalism and ethics."

"With Flowhub, the store's sales continue to grow 24% month over month on average."

"It was such an easy, smooth transition. When we moved over to Flowhub, I couldn’t believe the numbers we pulled on the first day and the fact that the staff were that good."

"Flowhub helped us brand ourselves as the best Kush in the bush! We couldn't imagine running our business on anything other than Flowhub, they have the best customer support and one of the easiest tools to use!”

"We don't have to worry about our software. It works and it's amazing. I know that we expect a high level of service, and you deliver. That is probably the biggest difference. It makes our lives easy."

"We've grown with Flowhub and Flowhub has grown with us. My favorite thing about it is how easy it is to use. I use it every day."

"Honestly, I think every dispensary should have Flowhub. It’s made my job 10 times easier."

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Get it while it's hot!

Book a demo with Jackson today and claim your exclusive half-price deal for Alaska dispensaries. Hurry, this offer ends 3/31/2021.

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