Cannabis inventory management has never been faster

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Stash App™ Benefits

Custom-built for highly efficient cannabis operations


Save time

Speed up inventory management cycles when you go mobile. What used to take 30 minutes, now takes 30 seconds.


Streamline workflows

Automate manual work, prevent discrepancies with manager approvals, and reallocate staff resources towards making more sales!


Maximize efficiency

Set up a central distribution hub for your supply chain and easily manage inventory across multiple dispensary locations.

cannabis inventory app

Still tied to a computer?

Counting inventory is a physical job. If you're still logging everything manually on a computer, try Stash—Flowhub's new inventory management app currently in beta.

The Stash App™ combines Flowhub's existing industry-leading mobile capabilities into one simple app experience with faster performance and added functionality.

Transform your daily workflow and enjoy...

cannabis inventory management
  • Mobile inventory audits

    Scan package tags and SKUs on the go. Match physical and digital inventory to state cannabis tracking systems.

  • Discrepancy workflows

    Prevent discrepancies and configure workflows for managers to approve prior to compliance reporting.

  • Distribution management

    Control what inventory is available "for sale" and "not for sale". Simply scan, tap, and move!

  • Mobile transfer of inventory

    Establish a distribution hub and bulk move inventory from one dispensary location to another with a few clicks.

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