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Flowhub Launches Maui™ — A New Platform to Help Dispensaries Reimagine the Cannabis Retail Experience

Re-architected for speed and flexibility, the cannatech company's latest platform intelligently adapts to evolving consumer demands and multi-state regulations

20 September 2022  |  6 min read

DENVER, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Flowhub, the leading cannabis software company for dispensaries, today announced the launch of Maui ("Flowhub Maui"), a revolutionary new product offering underpinned by over 8 years of national industry expertise. Maui is an intuitive, flexible, and performant solution focused on helping cannabis retailers increase profits, operate more efficiently, and create superior customer experiences. Based on benchmark data from live customers, the platform's brand new backend architecture is more than 20x faster than Flowhub's legacy application, allowing dispensaries to accelerate growth and increase transaction volume.

Flowhub Maui announcement

"Many assume the plant sells itself, but it's not so simple for legal cannabis retailers. The industry remains a highly regulated environment with an influx of challenges and increasing competition. So far technology providers have struggled to keep up with today's dispensary needs and consumer expectations," said Kyle Sherman, founder and CEO of Flowhub. "With Maui, Flowhub gives full control back to dispensaries. We've taken diligent customer feedback to deliver a cutting-edge, mobile-first operating system primed for this multi-billion-dollar industry. We're here to power the upcoming explosion of innovative retail experiences that sustain healthy cannabis businesses and keep customers returning for more."

Maui was created with the core belief that cannabis point-of-sale (POS) systems should be dynamic enough to accommodate any kind of customer experience a retailer wants to offer while remaining compliant at all times. Unlike other POS companies in the space, Flowhub Maui is an open, highly configurable system that allows businesses to easily integrate a custom tech stack on their choice of hardware, whether that's iPads, Macs, or PCs. Dispensaries can set up their stores to match a growing diversity of retail environments and feel confident in the ownership, security, and accuracy of their data. This flexibility is essential for dispensaries to build competitive brands and execute frictionless operations.

Notable benefits of Maui include:

  • Regulatory Agility: With the no-code app interface, Maui simplifies compliance with the vital ability to adjust regulatory settings to meet ever-changing state-by-state requirements in minutes.
  • Universal Login: Multi-state operators (MSOs) can now access all dispensary locations from one login to manage inventory, settings, reports and data across all locations and state lines — a first-of-its-kind feature in the cannabis point-of-sale space.
  • Improved Inventory Workflows: Maui reduces overhead associated with track-and-trace inventory management. It has a seamless two-way Metrc integration allowing for easier batch imports and one-click discrepancy resolution. These enhancements have led to more than 40% efficiency gains on average for dispensaries, according to Flowhub data.
  • Extensible Product Catalog: Maui provides a single source of truth for all inventory items across locations with its unified product catalog. It's effortless to add new product variants, set out-the-door pricing, and build prices based on location, customer groups and more.
  • Integrated Payments: Dispensaries on Maui may offer consumers more convenient ways to pay with a selection of compliant cashless payment solutions, including integrated Flowhub Pay and a recently announced ACH solution in partnership with Aeropay. Flowhub data shows that the average dispensary increases revenue by more than 30% on every non-cash transaction.
  • Automated Deals: Maui comes with the smartest deal maker in cannabis. Dispensaries can easily automate virtually any type of promotion with advanced rules like AND/OR logic for BOGOs and stack or override permissions.
  • Mobility: Flowhub mobile apps, including, Greet® and Stash®, are compatible with Maui, as well as the Flowhub exclusive Nug Pro® mobile scanners and commonly used modern mobile hardware like iOS devices and Surface tablets, to allow for increased efficiencies and harmonious integration across the platform.

Maui will be available in all active Flowhub markets, including the company's recently entered markets, New Jersey, West Virginia and South Dakota.

"Flowhub Maui is by far the best cannabis retail platform available," said Jaclyn Enlow, Head of Operations for Chesapeake Apothecary in Maryland. "We were up and running so quickly. The team at Flowhub is fantastic, but they haven't had to support us too much because the product is intuitive and does what we need it to do. It worked with my existing hardware, so it was dead simple to go live. It took days instead of weeks to train and implement even when moving from another platform."

"Flowhub has been supporting cannabis retailers since the beginning and with Maui it shows. They have used their experience to make the application intuitive and easy to use, and we were blown away by how quickly Flowhub was able to have us ready for compliant cannabis retail in South Dakota," said Kittrick Jeffries, CEO/Co-owner of Puffy's Dispensary. "We opened our first of 11 dispensaries, and Maui makes it that much easier. Maui eliminates redundancy and streamlines the process to get cannabis to our customers/patients as fast as we can."

Maui arrives on the heels of Flowhub's $19 million strategic fundraise in 2021, led by venture firms Headline and Poseidon, and a personal investment from world-renowned rapper, entrepreneur and entertainment mogul Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter. To date, the company has raised nearly $50 million in capital, bringing the company's valuation to over $200 million.

Flowhub has continued its commitment to building a sustainable, inclusive future through legalization advocacy efforts, partner relationships, and social responsibility. Since launching in June 2021, Flowhub's Social Equity Program has granted over $4M in software awards to support underrepresented dispensary entrepreneurs from a diversity of backgrounds, particularly those who have previously been involved in a marijuana conviction. Flowhub has been named "Best for Integration" by Benzinga due to its open API framework connecting to over 50 integration partners spanning ecommerce, ERP, data analytics, CRM and more across its app ecosystem.

With the launch of Maui and new leadership hires, including Chief Operating Officer Leandre Johns, Vice President of Customer Operations Sheila Lavender, Vice President of Product Matt Tharp, and Vice President of Engineering Kris Cicarelli, the company is well poised to accelerate expansion into emerging markets, further develop its dynamic product line and grow its social equity program, to enable a future where cannabis is accessible to every adult on planet Earth.

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Flowhub is the leading cannabis technology company partnering with dispensaries nationwide to provide compliance, point of sale, payments, inventory tracking, and retail management solutions. Founded by Kyle Sherman in 2015, Flowhub pioneered the first Metrc API integration and the Nug Pro®, the cannabis industry's first mobile scanner device for streamlining daily workflows. Today, Flowhub processes over $3 billion in cannabis sales annually, empowering more than 1,000 cannabis retailers to automate operations, increase revenue, and create the best dispensary experience possible. Flowhub is on the frontlines of ending cannabis prohibition and is proud to be a founding director of both the Cannabis Trade Federation and the U.S. Cannabis Council, in addition to awarding over $4 million in free software through its Social Equity Program to support underrepresented dispensary owners. Flowhub is a privately held, remote-first company. Investors include Headline, Poseidon, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, and Evolv Ventures (The Kraft Heinz Company venture arm), the founders of Venmo, and more. For more information, visit

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