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What is STRAIN?

STRAIN builds branded dispensary mobile apps to provide customers real-time product menus, loyalty rewards, offers, discounts, past orders and more. STRAIN eliminates the need for multiple products by centralizing all your marketing, sales and retention tools in a single platform.

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What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is the modern cannabis retail management platform for dispensaries. Whether you're running a single store or multiple locations, Flowhub provides compliance, point of sale, inventory management, mobile solutions and data to help you succeed.

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STRAIN and Flowhub are better together.

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  • Stand out from the crowd

    Don't rely on marketplaces! With your very own dispensary mobile app, customers are a tap away from placing orders, exclusive offers, loyalty rewards, license renewal and more.

  • Centralize your dispensary operation

    Stop switching between softwares. Manage your mobile app, online menu, tablet kiosks, TV signage and marketing tools — all from a single platform.

  • Say hello to faster checkouts!

    Two-step checkout allows customers to place their order with just two clicks. No need for logins or registrations when ordering.

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