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What is GeoShepard?

GeoShepard helps cultivators plan, review and measure crops digitally while capturing and delivering compliance data to government agencies. The SaaS platform delivers measurable advantages including ease of use, employee control, profit optimization, and real-time analysis.

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What is Flowhub?

Flowhub is the leading cannabis retail software company that helps modern dispensaries thrive by delivering compliance, point of sale, inventory tracking, and business intelligence data from a single, highly-customizable platform.

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GeoShepard and Flowhub are better together.

  • Manage your cultivation vertical

    Increase facility efficiency and cost-savings by investing in best-of-breed software solutions.

  • Report to Metrc

    No more double or manual reporting. Automatically report all plant movements to the state.

  • Track your entire supply chain

    Pair Flowhub and Geoshepard to connect a seamless suite of software solutions from cultivation to retail.

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