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Flowhub partners with best-in-class cannabis technology and consulting agencies so you can pick and choose the best stack for your dispensary needs.

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Metrc Connect udpated

Metrc is a seed to sale inventory tracking software that state regulators utilize to monitor and ensure cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, and transporters are compliant with state law.


Bio Track Logo

Biotrack is a cannabis traceability platform with extensive tracking and reporting capabilities to assist state and local governments with enforcing regulations, collecting taxes, verifying product quality, and preventing illegal cannabis diversion and inversion.

Rank Really High

Rank really high Logo Dark

Rank Really High is a robust ecommerce and digital marketing platform that powers ecommerce-first dispensary websites. Rank Really High integrates cannabis POS data and supports digital advertising as a Google Ads partner.


Racetrack full color

Racetrack streamlines financial operations and accounting for cannabis retailers by integrating Flowhub POS data with QuickBooks Online.


Menus & Kiosks
BudSense logo

BudSense is a product merchandising platform that makes selling cannabis easy. With flexibility and automation at its core, BudSense powers you to build high-converting and time-saving digital, print, and web menus.


Solink logo

Solink is a cloud-based video security and loss prevention system. Gain complete visibility into your dispensary, with a power platform that combines video and integrated POS data.

Sticky Cards

CRM & Loyalty
Sticky cards logo

Boost dispensary customer loyalty with Sticky Cards, a simple and effective loyalty program integrated with Flowhub. No app download required—just scan a QR code to add to an Apple or Google Wallet.



Onfleet increases on-time deliveries and scales operations efficiently as the world’s most advanced fleet management platform.


Weedmaps Logo Kit Short Mark Teal Text Blk Smile 3x

Weedmaps' B2B platform, including WM Orders, WM Store, WM Retail, WM Ads and WM Exchange, provide an end-to-end operating system for dispensaries.


Payments & Banking
Aeropay Logo

Aeropay provides a contactless payment solution for the cannabis industry. With Aeropay, customers can connect to their bank account to pay for both in-store and online cannabis orders.


CASA logo

CASA offers software and services that help cannabis retailers handle inventory and demand planning, reorder cycles, and sales analysis.


Human Resources
Spark Plug Logo

SparkPlug offers a full suite of budtender management and incentivization tools. Empower your frontline and enhance their sales productivity all in a simple, self-serve mobile application.

Alpine IQ

Vertical Logo Full color 05

Alpine IQ is the leading data and marketing solutions provider for cannabis retailers and supports operators through data management, omni channel marketing, and analytics & event tracking.


CRM & Loyalty
SB LOGO FULL gradient

springbig is the leading provider in CRM solutions for cannabis dispensaries. Increase retention, conversion, and brand loyalty with sms text messaging, rewards, and analytics features.


Seed to Sale
Flourish image

Flourish is a leading cannabis “seed to sale” platform built for the multi-license operator on top of enterprise-grade architecture. Flourish empowers cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to manage all inventory, purchasing, fulfillment, and operations in a compliant manner.



Dispense is an ecommerce and order management software that empowers cannabis dispensaries to sell products on their own website.

Vetrina Group

Vetrina cannabis retail

Vetrina is a team of cannabis retail experts helping businesses become strategic, planned, and successful.


MJ Stack

MJstack is your answer to time-consuming cannatech vendor evaluations.


Menus & Kiosks
Skoop Signage dispensary partner

Skoop Signage offers dynamic digital signage solutions to create a cohesive dispensary customer experience.

Venture Sourcing Group

Full Colour Dark text

Venture is an industry-leading POS hardware provider, specializing in procurement, distribution, and support of cannabis POS-compliant hardware.


Payments & Banking
Full Dark

PayLabs offers reliable cannabis payment processing solutions for cannabis dispensaries.


Payments & Banking
Abaca logo

Abaca is a financial technology company that provides FDIC insured banking, payments, and treasury management to cannabis businesses in partnership with sponsor financial institutions.


Payments & Banking
Safearbor logo

SafeArbor automates pre-order pickup for cannabis customers looking to retrieve their products more conveniently. Their state-compliant electronic locker systems use customer touchscreen inputs to verify ID, order data, and process payment — taking checkout time down to 2 minutes.


Logo leafly core leafly green logo large r

With 16 million monthly visitors, Leafly is the go-to resource for cannabis information worldwide. Leafly connects consumers to a comprehensive strain database, Leafly TV, retailers and products.


Jane Alt

Jane is the cannabis industry’s first online marketplace, where consumers can discover and order cannabis online for in-store pickup and offers a real-time sync with Flowhub.


Dutchie 2x

Founded in 2017, Dutchie has created the easiest way for your customers to buy cannabis products and have them available for pickup or delivered right to their door.

Happy Cabbage

Happy cabbage logo

Happy Cabbage Analytics helps retailers gain marketing and operations insights from their point of sale by using data on location, orders, brands, and product categories.


Headset icon

Headset is a data analytics company that helps businesses make better-informed decisions through data. Connecting Headset through Flowhub provides unparalleled actionable insights on your retail operations.


Menus & Kiosks
seed cannabis technology logo

Seed is an in-store application that increases order size and improves customer flow with digital menus and self-service ordering kiosks.


Human Resources
Kaya Push Logo 2021

Kayapush has everything you need to manage your team, from hiring, digital onboarding, scheduling, time management, payroll, and HR.


Barcodes Logo Bk

In partnership with Flowhub, Barcodes has curated a custom collection of hardware and IT service packages designed specifically for your cannabis retail needs.

Simplify IT A-Z

Simplifyit logo

Simplify IT A-Z provides a holistic approach to all your IT needs. This includes everything from a virtual CIO that helps navigate complex business growth all the way down to your basic helpdesk needs.


Surfside logo

Surfside is an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates first-party data across customer touchpoints. Powered by the only cannabis-focused customer data platform, Surfside enables cannabis businesses to find and attract qualified consumers through the monetization of their audiences.


Ecommerce • MA
Lucida logo

LucidaClub reimagines the cannabis retail experience for the Cannacurious™ — making it simple, convenient and welcoming.

Monarch Data


Monarch Data increases profitability by managing data and enhancing operational efficiencies. Through metric tracking and strategies, they offer actionable data that aligns with valuable KPIs.


Menus & Kiosks

Budvue provides custom-designed digital menu boards, promotion boards and tablet menus. Retailers work with Budvue to create a cohesive brand experience and enhance the customer sales journey to increase revenue.


Menus & Kiosks
3023529062c8 mc Kiosk logo

McKiosk provides self check-out kiosks to help moves lines faster.

Standard Insights

Standard insights logo

Standard Insights is a data-driven marketing platform. We leverage your Flowhub data to help you target the right person with the right product at the right time to help your dispensary drive repeat business using AI.

The Peak Beyond

Menus & Kiosks

The Peak Beyond redesigns the consumer experience with technology that makes selling easier.


Core Group icon

CoreGroup Displays consists of experts in retail environments to deliver unparalleled cannabis retail fixtures, displays and computer hardware.


Human Resources
7607ee084b90 Flowerhire logo 2022

Flowerhire partners with cannabis companies to provide contingency placement, retained and embedded search, and strategic talent and HR advisory. FlowerHire X™ solves the talent puzzle for companies looking to hire and retain frontline workers.


CRM & Loyalty

Edge is a customer communication platform that turns feedback into powerful online marketing by incentivizing employees.

Zip Run

Zip run

Zip Run is the first-ever social equity company to build a state-of-the-art cannabis ecommerce platform where consumers can purchase for either in-store pickup or delivery (MA only).


CRM & Loyalty
STRAIN app logo

STRAIN builds branded dispensary mobile apps to provide customers real-time product menus, loyalty rewards, offers, discounts, past orders and more.


Mjm logo

The MJM is the premier nationwide marketing and discovery platform for marijuana/cannabis businesses and customers.


CRM & Loyalty
Logo sprout v2

Sprout is the leading CRM and marketing software platform for cannabis retailers. Acquire and retain customers, and grow your business with Sprout’s full suite CRM.

Green Check

Payments & Banking
Greencheck logo

Green Check is a cannabis banking platform with a network of financial institutions that actively work with cannabis businesses.


Compliance • CO
cannahauler logo

CannaHauler provides automated cannabis transportation software to optimize B2B and B2C transports.


CRM & Loyalty
Stemless Logo 4x

Stemless elevates the modern cannabis retail experience with personalized customer engagement tools. Boost your store's revenue through targeted text messaging, custom loyalty programs, and seamless review management.

MBA Growth Partners

MBA growth partners logo

MBA Growth Partners is a business consulting firm that specializes in go-to-market planning, strategic planning, operational efficiencies and systems implementation.


Ecommerce • MA
You Got Bud logo

YouGotBud is an online marketplace for Massachusetts dispensaries to manage online orders and live time menu updates.

Canna Banana

Canna banana logo 1

Canna Banana Design is a cannabis specific design partner supporting brands with web development, social media creative, new product launch, and more.

Tech Vaca


Tech Vaca catalyzes new efficiencies for cannabis operators through automation and superior integration between cannabis software vendors.

BDS Analytics

BDSA Logo whitebg

BDS Analytics provides comprehensive, actionable, and accurate cannabis market intelligence and consumer research. Connect Flowhub and BDS Analytics to benchmark dispensary performance compared to total market data.

Divvy Digital

Menus & Kiosks
Divvy Horizontal logo RGB Full color M 500px

Divvy Digital provides custom branded TV menus that automatically sync with your Flowhub inventory. You can also schedule daily specials, social media feeds, videos and much more.


CRM & Loyalty

Leafbuyer is a one-stop-shop for cannabis marketing technology. Leafbuyer provides businesses a powerful mix of customer acquisition, retention, and analytics tools and helps reach the right consumers.



By connecting your dispensary to new consumers, Wikileaf boosts your visibility in the cannabis space and provides a user-friendly platform to display your menu, deals, and more.


Seed to Sale
trym logo

Trym is cultivation software custom-built for cannabis growers. Cultivators use Trym to manage and track daily tasks, monitor environmental conditions, and maintain compliance.


Seed to Sale
Canix logo

Canix is a powerful seed to sale platform for cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. Pair Canix with Flowhub for a best in class solution for vertical integrators.


CRM & Loyalty • CO
Cropped Clique5b Registered 2

CliqueMJ offers retailers a loyalty and rewards tool to help retain customers and grow sales.

Cannabis Big Data

Alt Cannabis Big Data Logo

Cannabis Big Data is an automated data platform with simple, intuitive, and actionable data tools that include reports, analytics, dashboards, and predictive models custom-built for dispensaries.


Menus & Kiosks
Green Screens Logo

GreenScreens is a digital information software company providing dispensaries with the ability to update store menus, announcements, and daily specials in seconds.


CRM & Loyalty
Bud Tenderoriginallogo-copy

BudTender is the cannabis industry-leading customer experience platform. With the integration with Flowhub, BudTender allows dispensaries to interact with customers by seamlessly sending post-purchase SMS feedback surveys.


CRM & Loyalty

TokeIn is a free customer-facing loyalty and rewards app, built to help connect cannabis consumers to dispensaries and cannabis promotional offers in their area.

Amendment 2 Consultants

Amendment2 consultants

Amendment 2 Consultants has lead campaigns to legalize cannabis in Missouri and supports businesses from the initial application through full-scale operations.

Existo Services

Existo logo final horizontal2

Existo supports the legal cannabis industry by providing technology, consulting, and troubleshooting. Existo chooses only the very best hardware, software, and vendor partners. Call today! (734) 999-4010

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting

rocky mountain cannabis consulting

RMCC's mission is to empower our clients with the necessary tools and training and consulting services to build a reliable and sustainably compliant operation from seed-to-sale.

Allay Cannabis Consulting

Allay Square White

Allay Consulting guides companies through the hazards of navigating compliance pitfalls, ensuring best practices, and making sure the product you create ends up in stores.

Canna Advisors


Canna Advisors is a professional cannabis business consulting agency. They help cannabis entrepreneurs win licenses, optimize facility design, standardize operations, and maximize business development.

Ping HD

Menus & Kiosks
Ping Hd Logo

Ping HD is a full-service digital signage company providing affordable, scalable, and innovative digital signage solutions and interactive touch experiences to the cannabis industry.


Potguide Lgo

PotGuide is the all-inclusive cannabis tourism guide to the world of marijuana, connecting consumers with info on dispensaries, cannabis-friendly lodging, cannabis tours as well as news and culture.

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