Dispensary software to flourish in the Oregon cannabis market

Find success in Oregon’s complex market with Flowhub point of sale and payments solutions.

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Flowhub Oregon

Oregon can be an especially challenging market for dispensaries between its low profit margins, excessive cannabis production, and outside investors pouring money into consolidation.

Flowhub’s primary goal is to mitigate this stress. Founded in 2015 to streamline cannabis businesses, we focus on modern dispensary experiences. This includes reporting, Metrc compliance, and integrations that you need to be successful in Oregon’s market. We work with hundreds of cannabis businesses across the state and have a deep understanding of the challenges you face daily.

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About the Oregon market

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Median daily sales per dispensary

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Median daily transactions per dispensary

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Median order amount per transaction


Oregon medical marijuana was legalized in 1998.


Oregon recreational use was legalized in 2014.

2020 Med Demographics

  • Gen Z 12%
  • Millennials 38%
  • Gen X 25%
  • Boomers 24%
  • Silent Gen 1%

2020 Rec Demographics

  • Gen Z 17%
  • Millenials 50%
  • Gen X 20%
  • Boomers 12%
  • Silent Gen 1%

How to run your dream dispensary in Oregon

Oregon has been at the forefront of cannabis legalization in the U.S. The challenge now is to remain competitive and compliant as the state continually shifts regulations and laws.

Flowhub is here to make sure that your stores are prepared to maintain clean inventory management, run efficient delivery services, and grow profits — all with a keen eye on compliance.

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Increase revenue

Oregon is highly competitive, so increasing revenue isn’t easy. Successful dispensaries stand out and build a loyal customer base by delivering the best experience through dispensary Deals, welcoming dispensary design, personable staff, and quick transactions.

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Reduce cost of operations

To run a profitable dispensary, you need to streamline operations and prevent loss. The mobile Stash® app allows for mobile inventory management, reducing time spent on manual tasks by 90%. Scan barcodes and reconcile inventory between front and back of house.

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Manage risk & compliance

Compliance with the OLCC is increasingly challenging. We allow guest check-out to respect customer privacy. With an API integration with Metrc, automatically report sales to the state. Our dispensary POS includes cannabis counters and purchase history ensure you never oversell and remain in compliance.

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Modernize experiences

There’s more to modern cannabis retail than just looks. Make your dispensary stand out by and create differentiated experiences with up-to-date hardware and technology, including ipads, self-service kiosks, digital signage, mobile shopping carts, and integrated payments for dispensaries.

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Scale & expand operations

To grow your marijuana business, you’ll need a dispensary pos system that’s built to scale. The View app lets you check company-wide and store-level reports in real time from your phone. With Flowhub, easily add new stores and stay connected to them from anywhere.

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Connect data & apps

Oregon's experienced customers expect online menus, delivery, and speedy check-in/checkout. Our cannabis partner integrations allow you to choose the best hardware, software, and tech partners, seamlessly integrated into a modern cannabis tool stack to delight customers and reduce human error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Oregon dispensary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Oregon dispensary questions.

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Does Flowhub offer a Social Equity Program for Oregon dispensaries?

Yes! Flowhub's Social Equity Program is available in every market we serve, including Oregon. We have provided over $5M in free software to support underrepresented dispensary owners. Once approved, qualifying retailers receive Flowhub's biggest price discount available.

Apply here 👉

Can I process card payments with Flowhub?

Yes, Flowhub Pay is a fully integrated payment solution for cannabis dispensaries across the country, including those in Oregon. Flowhub Pay is better than most payment solutions available because it's seamlessly connected to Flowhub point of sale, meaning totals and change calculations are auto-populated so there is no manual entry or mental math required by budtenders. Customers on Flowhub Pay experience a 33% increase in revenue on average and are saving thousands of dollars on shrinkage per month.

We can get you set up in days. There are no long term contracts or monthly fees, and we’re happy to give you a rebate on every transaction.

Book your Flowhub Pay consultation to learn more.

How does Flowhub handle Oregon’s strict privacy laws?

Respect privacy and anonymity for your customers with Flowhub's dispensary guest check out feature. This prevents you from collecting any identifying information for patrons while still remaining compliant with government regulations. Our point-of-sale system also allows for consent to be provided to facilitate customer loyalty programs and other discounts in a truly flexible and customizable way.

Can I easily add new dispensary locations to my Flowhub account?

Yes, Flowhub excels at managing multiple dispensary locations. Our platform easily scales as you grow. Features like the global product catalog and the ability to transfer inventory between stores allow you to get your new location up and running quickly. We built our POS software so both owners and managers can make company-wide updates and see reports at the company level or location level. Aaron Elston, VP of retail at Oregrown, onboarded their second store in Portland in a matter of hours with minimal assistance.

How do I calculate Oregon marjuana tax in my dispensary?

Taxes are a common question because they vary from state to state, and often also by county or city. For recreational dispensaries in Oregon, there is a 17% sales tax charge on marijuana. Learn more on the Department of Revenue page. You can also visit our blog, How to Calculate Cannabis Taxes at your Dispensary, to learn more about cannabis taxes and see how to do this in Flowhub.

What are Oregon marijuana laws?

The regulatory body for Oregon’s retail and medical marijuana licenses is the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Oregon uses Metrc as the state track and trace system. Recreational customers are allowed 1 ounce of cannabis per day, equivalent to 5 grams of concentrate, either inhalable or edible. Medical customers can possess up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana and 5 grams of concentrate. Visit the Oregon State site to find the most updated regulations and purchase limits.

How can I keep my Oregon dispensary competitive despite increasing consolidation?

Consumers have many options when it comes to buying cannabis products in Oregon. As a retailer amongst many, you need to continually attract new customers and retain the ones you have in order to thrive. Your store needs to streamline processes, integrate technology, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction. Speeding up customer check in and creating a modern brand experience will further your goal and your revenue stream. But also make sure you’re thinking about ecommerce, including curbside pickup, online ordering, delivery services, and accepting non-cash payments. These are elements in our new normal that are quickly becoming requirements for any successful dispensary growth strategy.

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Oregon, are you read to enter the flow state?

Book a demo to see how Flowhub can save you time, money, and headaches.