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Flowhub is the leading cannabis retail management platform.

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Overcome Oregon dispensary challenges

Oregon’s trailblazing foray into legal marijuana has resulted in a complicated, nuanced cannabis market. From customers who prefer anonymity, to challenges with overproduction, and to the threat (or welcome!) of increasing shop consolidation, it’s critical to partner with a company like Flowhub that is as knowledgeable as you in the Oregon market.

Automatically report to Metrc, Oregon’s cannabis track and trace system

Be compliant with Metrc, CTS, and the OLCC with a system that imports packages, sends track and trace data with the click of a button, and prevents discrepancies to avoid fines. As the original Metrc integrator, we’re Metrc ready and have Metrc support for Oregon.

Manage your inventory on-the-go

Reconcile inventory between your back and front of house, or within your distribution facility, using the Nug mobile scanner and the Stash App™. Only Flowhub utilizes a custom-built solution that allows you to easily reconcile your inventory with what’s in Metrc.

Anonymously check in your customers

Respect privacy and anonymity for your customers by not collecting identifying information for patrons while still remaining compliant with government regulations. Flowhub also allows for consent to be provided to facilitate loyalty programs and other discounts in a truly flexible and customizable way.

Centralize and standardize multi-location operations

Whether you’re in Portland, Bend, Eugene, or any city in between, you can manage permissions, pricing, and tax calculations at a corporate level for each location and keep compliant with detailed records of every activity. Flowhub supports a “spoke-and-wheel” distribution model just as easily as it does a single location.

Meet the leading cannabis retail platform

Manage your entire cannabis operation from front to back with mission-critical tools for compliance, point of sale, inventory management, and API connectivity.

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Why Flowhub?

  • flowhub security

    99.9% uptime

    Secure technology hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform

  • flowhub cannabis payment processing

    $1B+ sales

    Reliably processing $1B+ in cannabis sales annually

  • flowhub cannabis innovation

    1st place

    1st Metrc integration partner and 1st to market cannabis retail mobile solutions

  • flowhub support

    365-day support

    Our customer support team has a 95% call answer rate and is available every day of the year

Our Oregon customers Flowhub

Flowhub is user-friendly and easy to learn and implement. It was easy for our budtenders to learn, and the user experience is wonderful. It has the ability to create custom reports and is web-based with a mobile app option. Flowhub's customer service is incredibly helpful and responds in a timely manner. They take feedback and recommendations seriously, and we've seen Flownhub implement some of the changes we've requested.

Upon Nectar's migration to Flowhub we have been able to enhance margins by 20% by understanding the granular details of pricing, discounting, and inventory management.

The store's sales continue to grow 24% month over month on average [on Flowhub]

I love your system. It’s the best out there. Your support team is the shit. I love you guys.

I just wanted to say thank you to the Flowhub support team. You guys rock. Every single time I have an issue you guys get to the bottom of it immediately. You constantly maintain a very high level of professionalism, this is very much appreciated.


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